Live Online Kids Ukulele Course (1-to-1)

Sign your kid up for our specially designed kids ukulele beginners course and have your little one learn to play the ukulele during this stay home period.

Conducted in a fun, relaxed and interactive format, the 4 x 30min course is targeted at children with no prior music training or experience with stringed-instruments. It covers basic chords, simple rhythm, and basic strumming patterns. Your kids will learn to play a few songs by the end of the course.

The sessions will be conducted one-on-one in a video meeting format where you can interact with the instructor in real-time from the safety and comfort of your home.

Suitable for:
• Children between 5-10 yrs old
• Beginners with no prior experience with musical instruments 

Format & Materials:
• 4 sessions of 30 minutes each 
• The same instructor will be assigned to you throughout the 4 sessions
• Course material will be provided in pdf 

    What you need:
    • A smart phone or tablet or computer with webcam and mic/speakers
    • Stable internet connection
    • Free video conferencing app (Zoom Meetings)
    • A ukulele (preferably pre-tuned or the instructor can guide you on tuning)

    Important notes:

    1. Please contact us via whatsapp at +65 81815088 or email to arrange for date and timing to ensure there's available instructor. Payment should be made after confirmation of availability in schedule.
    2. Meeting ID and passcode will be sent in the lesson notification email and/or WhatsApp/SMS notification


    Terms & Conditions

    1. Full payment must be made within 3 days of confirmation of lesson(s), otherwise the lesson slot(s) will be released. 
    2. Lesson slot will only be confirmed and secured after payment is received (at least one day before lesson date).
    3. Please inform us (whatsapp/sms/email) at least 24 hours if you need to reschedule, failure to do so will result in forfeiture of lesson
    4. If student needs to reschedule due to medical reasons, a copy of doctor’s MC is required. Please inform us at least 4 hours before lesson slot.
    5. No-show without notification will result in the lesson being forfeited 
    6. Lessons will start and end as per allocated timing
    7. In the event that the instructor is late, makeup time will be allocated after session end (time extension), or before next session (if there is a next session booked)
    8. UM is not responsible for the quality of video feed on student's phone/tablet/computer as that is dependent on the individual's service provider, wifi signal, smartphone camera/mic quality 

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