Customer testimonials

We've received many good comments over the last few years, we thought we'll put it up so customers can read about other customers' experience buying from us, being served by us, and working with us. We hope that this would instill confidence in you–our customer–when you purchase from us, and we will do anything within our power to make your experience shopping with UM an enjoyable and memorable one. ~ UM


Visited your shop today – fantastic!! the best shop i have ever seen!! great collection of ukes at any price range, very good variety of accesoires, literature, music cd's etc...and the best of all very nice and competent staff (owners) who love what they do...congrats and thanks for a fantastic experience. PS: and when you get to switzerland - let me know! – Felix Grendelmeier, Switzerland


That is awesome. Ukulele Movement is still my favorite shop in all of Singapore and I shop a lot. xoxo :D – Nikole Horkin, Hawaii


My first time to UM the other day. nice place! sure to get one of your ukes soon! cheers! – Faizal Zain, Singapore


Greetings Ukelings!...........what a fun place.....Here's a lil guy that knows all about having fun;-) – Laurie Lee Campbell


Well done, Simon n Glyn ! UM is reaching the whole of SG :-) Catch up with you guys soon! Spread the fleas~ OOpz, Jumpin' jumpin'~ Im still so happy with the Acacia Tenor from you guys! – Sam, Singapore


Thks for bring the Happy 4-strings here!~ guitalele


A day in a life...: Where to get good ukulele in Malaysia 
I found that there are some people were lead to my link when they search "where to get Ukulele in Malaysia". I know there is no information for that because I already tried to search it and disappointed with the result. Anyway this is the answer... None! As I lived in Sabah, I already tried to find all over Kota Kinabalu music shop/center and tried to ask my friend to find one for me in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, you only can find cheap China Made ukulele. Price wise, very cheap. Quality wise, not good. There is some shop that sell good quality ukulele but again, it is very expensive. Quality, okay, Price wise, too expensive for that particular brand. Why buy good quality? Buying musical instrument is like investing. When you invest your money to a good quality music instrument, it will be a life long enjoyment. Provided that you care for that instrument. But buying an overprice instrument also can be a burden. Buying a cheap ukulele also have another downside. Sometimes, the fret board are not accurate, making any beginner frustrated because the sound that the ukulele produce are not accurate and this will hamper any further learning improvement. Unless you really want and willing to buy, I recommend Ukulele Movement, the first and only music shop specializing in ukuleles, in Singapore. I know it is too far away from Sabah, but the service that they gave are the finest one that I ever get compare to my local music shop.
I bought my first ukulele from them last December 2009 through email. Their reply are good and fast. They even recommend you based on your budget. You can make your payment through Paypal, credit card or bank transfer. I'm not sure if they accept Maybank money transfer but you can always try to ask them.
I bought one for our first born, Sean Taro, Christmas present. That is when he only 1 month old. Now, almost 6 month, he already show interest to ukulele when I strum it and first thing when he woke up, he will reach the ukulele first and try to strum (yes 5 month and can strum with his fingers) the ukulele that we put in his cot along with his diapers and cloths. He even show interest when I play White Sandy Beach, Israel Kamakawiwo Ole. –<


Great place, great staffs and wide range of ukulele @ competitive price! We just got ours a while ago. Though entry level.... but still sound good! – FManz Ong, Singapore


2nd Uke from UM within a week. Quite disappointed tat Im not able to get the Mahogany/Spruce top Concert, as the last piece has a slight flaw, but the wonderful experince at UM more than make up for that. And the Mahogany Concert is not tat far off either..... One suggestion. Why dun you guys come up with a UM's car... decal. I would be more than happy to display it on my family mover. :) – FManz Ong, Singapore 


Received my order days ago and it feels good to have new strings on my ukuleles. The tuners are awesome as well especially the orange one. The stickers were a nice compliment! Thank you very much! – Mackie Mac Mabuhay, Philippines!


Love your site - its a ukulele treasure trove! – Rick Hales, Ukulele Junction UK.


Just found this page. Very excited to explore and hear from other ukulele fans, especially in St Louis, MO area – Joel Sandheinrich, St Louis, MO


I got a Stephen Sproat how to DVD from Ukulele Movement and am so enjoying practicing now. It's fun and addictive playing a ukulele! –  Sarah Coldheart, US


Great job on the uke setup Simon. Now my fingers can fly over the fretboard effortlessly... –  Tan Sung Wah, Eason Music, Singapore


Great job on the four ukuleles you did for us! All of us loved it very much! –  Syed, Singapore


Just wanna say the U-Bass is GREAT! We all loved it at the gig and its a definite keeper for me. The fact that it sounds great for an acoustic gig makes this a rare bass in my opinion, and it does not require a battery change, which is another plus! I am however having problems with the G-string slipping out of the nut, and the string itself always needs to be tuned upwards. I'm just assuming its a by-product of the string tension required to tune the G-string up to pitch. I might consider filing the nut
slot down a little to sit the string properly. But no worries, all good! Thanks, and keep in touch! –  Kelv, Singapore


Hi Simon, it was great to speak to you yesterday evening, and to spend some time in the little niche of magic you and Glyn have carved out for yourselves in this beautiful city. I was just looking through your website and read 'The Story of Kaylê' - amazing! I believe that though success is driven by ambition, true happiness is driven by passion, and that is what comes through in this. Wish you all the best, and many many years of spreading the magic of the Ukulele in Singapore! – Ajit, Singapore


I was at the shop yesterday and was totally charmed by the place. I spent about an hour on the Kala UBass, trying to coax different sounds from it. It nailed the upright bass sound spot-on and was also good for motown, R&B, Jazz and Blues basslines. It was a great experience, now the only thing is I dunno whether to go... with the Sprucetop or the Mahogany...tough choice. – Louis Lam, The Chicken Shack, Singapore


I was in your store singapore, and is a world for those who enjoy it's fantastic. The ukelele are worked with great precision, the sound is fantastic, I loved it! Congratulations! – Filipe Fortes, Portugal


I just want to say that the James Hill Workshop was AWESOME. I found what James to be an excellent teacher and found the techniques I learnt very useful and beneficial to my uke-ing progress. My only regret is not being able to attend the last workshop, and I felt that we could have had longer sessions. ;) THANKS FOR ORGANIZING! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! – Tian Daphne, Ukulele Girls, Singapore


This is a great find – I've been playing on and of since I was 13 and have been expanding my chord knowledge in the last several years and am beginning to work on finger picking. Any suggestions on a program or book or video would be welcome. – Wendy Webe, US


Love the place – Fog Ong, Singapore


Hello Glyn and Simon. Was yesterday at UM and met your new staff. Super friendly and nice! Thumbs up! – Ralph Häring, Singapore


Thanks to the folks at UM, I've got my new friction tuning pegs and Aquila strings and thanks for a nice evening trying out the Electric ukes :) - Raymond Lay, Singapore


Great Job on Monday's Uke Got Talent III! I really enjoyed myself! plus the theme. i wanted to take part in the pop quizes but sadly i am not that familiar with the 80s. :P  it was also great seeing many friends AND new faces performing and at the event. :) also loved that there were so many ladies performing that night...! heh. you go girls! :D XD i can't wait for the next one..! Cheers, UM Peeps! :D  – Viv. ♥♥♥, Singapore


Hey guys! Tonight was totally awesome, thanks for having me :D – Najmah Salam, Singapore


Thanks for your kind and patient service. I am still admiring the aNueNue koa baby I got this afternoon. The pressure free environment helped me to make my choice better. – Cornelius Vianney Ching, Singapore


Hi, my mum absolutely loved the Ohana uke I got from you all yesterday! I conveyed your birthday wishes to her too. Thanks for the help! :D - Andrew Tay, Singapore


Hi Glyn and Simon! My Kala Butterfly arrived today! I haven't opened the package yet. Im thinking of how I would document the unpacking process. Im torturing myself out of excitement. Thank you very very much!! – Mackie Mac, Philippines


Hi :) I really like my new ukulele:) having a great time playing with it :) – Elizabeth Wee, Singapore


Had a ball when I dropped by yesterday. The baritone uke that I acquired sounds absolutely phenomenal. Look forward to dropping by again, Cheers – Mel Ferdinands, Gypsy, Singapore


Bought a cute mahogany pineapple today =D great stuff, great staff! cheers to ian, who was a big big help! – Ian Goh, Singapore


Thank you Simon and Glyn for giving Tony and I a crash course on ukuklele last night. We're very happy with our new toy and are already starting to fight over it. See you soon for our 2nd one! :) – Yali Tan, Singapore


I really like my new Ukie...... –  Doreen Lim, Malaysia


Glyn, Simon and Don, thank you!! enjoyed my classes and the jamming session on Thursday :P cant wait for module 2 to start :) – Sandie Lim, Singapore


Hey Guys Loved meeting you in Singapore! You are so nice!!!! Thanks for the Ukulele Movement next time I'll budget in a purchase –  Sam Miller


Hi, it's been a while since i last stopped by but i just wanted to say i had a great time at 15 minutes yesterday night! came with a couple of friends. it was heartwarming to see people ranging from semi-pro musicians to a mother-and-daughter act! kudos to you guys for encouraging sharing of the uke! :) – Andrew Tay, Singapore


Got my Kala Travel Mahogany! It's very beautiful. I love it! Thank you very very much! – Mackie Mac, Philippines


Hey! I'm totally happy with my Makala Concert! The intonation is really great! The video review will be up for you guys who wants to get info about it:) Thanks! – Hasyir Ibrahim, Singapore


Hey guys, just to let you know I had an awesome time yesterday! You guys are so friendly :D I had so much fun I lost track of time! Thanks for helping me out though I spent so many hours there! I'm enjoying my fun with my Eleuke now :D – Hitoshi Lee


Thanks for making the experience so enjoyable although i was in a rush....this pretty soprano now has a new home and a new name 'ukebi'... – Brighton How, England


Hi UM! I'm really enjoying the Kala uke I bought there last October! Thank you so much! It was a dream come true to visit your store. How I wish to come back and attend your events (Not much Uke enthusiast here in South Cotabato, Philippines). – Jenny, Philippines


Dear Simon and Glyn, It was yet another very pleasant occasion to be at your store yesterday late afternoon through early evening, with thanks to the both of you - and to Chris. – David Nga, Singapore


Hello Simon & Glyn & all the UMers,
I've visited your old and new store and both were/ are wonderful places. I submit a UM pose photo for the fun of it. These are part of my uke proteges at school. Uke on! – Gary Bass, Vietnam


hey guys! it's me, Eo from the philippines! the ukulele i bought is awesome and i'm having so much fun learning how to play. anyway, just wondering if you guys can send that picture you took of me and my friend in your store. thanks guys! see you guys soon and hope to hear from you! say hi to everyone there for me. – Eo, Philippines


Hi Simon, Glyn: Just writing to say it was a real pleasure to chance upon the Ukulele Movement store and to spend some time there! In the spirit of random encounters and finds, as we told you, we only found out about this store through our Indonesian friend Sari's brother, who in turn found out through a friend in Hawai'i. :) So you never know what you'll find and when. – Vinita Mohan, Singapore


It's a pleasure to have met you both, Simon and Glyn. I like your service quality not only on-stie but post-purchase. These links keep us inspired and motivated to plod is not easy at age 72. I am venturing into a new area for whole life balance! – Rednano or Google for: Ong Teong Wan, Singapore


Hello! Glyn, Simon! Thanks for the info. I enjoyed myself yesterday. There's something about being around musical instruments. Makes me happy even without playing them. I love the Kala. Been playing it half the night. Now I'm worried about not playing my guitars. :) To rocking good times! – Jasmine, Singapore


Hi Simon, Thanks alot for the pics! definitely having fun with my new watermelon..i have to be impartial to my ukes( yes i treat them like human beings!) and i play them both everytime i practise. haha. hope to hear from you guys soon!:) Cheers! – Shawnie:), Singapore


Hi Glyn & Simon, Thanks for the follow up. Excellent service I must say! It's been my pleasure to meet you guys and listen to the story of Ukulele Movement. Hope to drop by some time in the near future again. Meanwhile, do take care of yourselves in the nice awesome showroom/ home office you have! – Hong Jing, Singapore


Dear Glyn and Simon, It was indeed my pleasure to meet both of you. From the contents on your website and my brief conversation with both of you yesterday, I believe you have the drive and passion to succeed in this new business. Thank you for adding 7 new beautiful ukuleles to my collection.I am sure there will be more to come in the future. – Steven, Singapore


Aloha Simon, Thank you so much, I love the acacia uke, and thank you for taking the two nice pics of myself, my kala tenor acacia, and your nice showroom. Baby Joy say 'Hi' to you too, I decided to name her Joy because, Acacia wood also called the Mimosa, in chinese is jing he huan "金合欢", grow abundantly in taiwan. I guess it brings blessings such as gold luck & joy 合欢. They always said, " A ukulele makes you Smile!" Interesting right, my friend. :-) Interestingly, the Ark in the bible is made with Acacia wood! (NIV Exo 25:10) it must be a good material – Chris, Singapore


Hi Simon, I'm Terb (Narisorn), who's came to your shop and bought Ukelele for my older brother (Pisit or Toe). Thanks for the photo. I will go back to Thailand on this Wednesday 16th 09. Send Ukulele to my brother. I think, you have confuse about my name and my brother's name. 5 5 5, just kidding. I like your shop very much. Nice shop, and I like you two. –Narisorn J.


I'm impressed with your site and ukulele movement! Congratulations! (and such a clean efficient site too...i'm a web designer). I've been looking for a decent uke for over a year now, and there are several making/selling here in Cebu where I live but I want to try the original or at least the closest to the Hawaii craft as possible. It appears the Kala brand is it. I'm glad I found your site because I've been looking for something that might be closer to ship to Cebu, Philippines...rather than from Hawaii. – Chico D. Barretto, Philippines


Hi Simon, I've been following what you've been doing with Ukulele Movement and I'm really impressed. I think it's great what you are doing for the ukulele in Southeast Asia. –Marjinal, Indonesia


Aloha Simon/Glyn, The uke is certainly a beauty! It's got plenty of quality time with me up ahead, ha ha. Thank you guys at ukulele movement, for allowing me to indulge in this wonderful little instrument :) Cheers! – Daryl, Singapore


Dear Simon and Glyn, Wonderful to have met and spoken with you in your very impressive showroom last Saturday afternoon - after my first ever meeting with you during the James Hill & Anne Davison May 29, 2009 concert at DBS Auditorium. Singapore's future is certainly very much brighter and more interesting, with you and your enterprise around. Do keep me posted on the jam sessions you will be organising and on the new instruments you will be bringing in, from time to time, With my very best wishes. – David Nga, Singapore


I bought the pineapple Kala from your store yesterday, in just one day I am now working on my second song! Well it isn't that easy to learn for a complete newbie in strings instrument, but it is very possible. This is the main reason why I couldn't wait 2 weeks for the cheaper ones to come, cuz I HAVE to play it immediately hahah. Through a quick search I don't think there is any place in Malaysia selling ukuleles, I sure hope UM will make it there soon! –AiTing, Malaysia


Hi UM! I'm really enjoying the Kala uke I bought there last October! Thank you so much! It was a dream come true to visit your store. How I wish to come back and attend your events (Not much Uke enthusiast here in South Cotabato, Philippines) – Jenny M, Philippines


Hello there! Thanks Ukulele movement! I just bought a honeytone amp and loving it! :) – Kiyoko Mori, Singapore


Hi Simon and Glyn, 
The case arrived today! It is exactly what I wanted. Thank you. I am impressed that it got here so quickly. It is  attractive as well sturdy case and I like that. The 18 year old for whom it will be a gift will enjoy that aspect of it too, as well as the handy strap. Very satisfied customer here. Thanks, has been lovely chatting with you, happy holidays and all that good stuff. – Suzanne Doane, Canada


Dear Glyn & Simon, thank you for helping with all my requests these past 6 weeks! Firstly helping me switch my module and lesson timings and then today lending me money for the train ride home. Also last sunday I came for the wrong timing and ended up in a module 1 class but Steven taught me my module 2 lesson on top of everyone else's lesson so please send my thanks to him too! You both have done so much to help me and I would definitely recommend Ukulele Movement to my friends.Thanks for everything again! – Tze Yang, Singapore


Hi Glyn & Simon!! This will be a testimonial to you and UM.
I really DID NOT regret dropping by your shop and purchase my very first uke!! I am really satisfied with the service provided, especially your female staff because she recommended me another uke which is really good in quality and affordable price. Because I was kind of wondering if I should purchase the cute uke for its apperance and was about to pay for it but your friendly staff recommended me the standard wooden body uke, which I did not notice. It's much cheaper but the sound quality is way better than any of the cute plastic back&sides uke. I'm really surprised because once I hold and strum it, I instantly love the rich and crispy sound it produced!! You can hardly find any other shop which recommended the cheaper priced items when the customer is about to purchase a more expensive one at the counter. Am really surprised with this gesture and did not regret going down to your shop at all. I'm a person who is into decent sound quality and your staff recommmeded me to a really good traditional one, which is something I didn't expected to buy, but nevertheless, very very happy with it. Keep up the great job!! I will surely recommend any of my friends to your shop for such good service standards provided by you!! Thank you UM!! – Yuu =D, Singapore


"Just got my U900 today, thank you so much for your excellent service =D" – Mandy Long, Singapore


Just want to let you know that I had a great afternoon at UM today. The atmosphere of the place was cozy, and the staff were friendly. In particular, I found the staff patient and helpful; one even lent me her umbrella as it was pouring outside. In the end, I walked off with an entry-level Makala, but it still dishes out great sound! I'm looking forward to getting a Riptide Mahogany Concert or Tenor once the new stocks come in =) Thanks for the great experience, and for advancing the ukulele scene in Singapore! – Nathaniel Quek, Singapore


Enjoyed my experience on the 2nd last day of sale at dunlop though i didn't get the uku. sorry, you two, i didn't get your names but love your humour and thanks for the random 'i'm yours' gig. you got a really good voice. and yes, the A+ handwriting guy, thanks for trying so hard to offer your chips. have fun at the loft side! my friends and i would be sure to drop by one day! cheerios! by then, i think my friend Angelina Tan Rong Xuan would be a little less of a noob where uku is concerned! – Jermaine Tan, Singapore


Thank you for the ukulele I got from you guys today! I'm loving it! : ) – Kit Ang, Singapore


I love ukulele movement – Shawn Teo, Singapore


"Hi i bought mainland from you guys last month (i bought mainland cidar soprano with 3makala dolphin and anuenue u900, remember 2 girls from Thailand?) Just wanna tell you that now she's my fav>_< Thanx!" – Sci Supharin, Thailand


Me and my Kala Uke bought from UM Sg last week from Ms. Amirah babe! She is gorgeous and very patience and helpful! I love my Kala very much now and going back for more ! LOL! UM you rockz :P – Xiara Anjeru


thank u for de bday workshop... all mi frenz enjoyed themselves a lot... million more thanks for de umbrellas... ^^ – Jeannie Toh, Singapore


Thanks for a very nice ukulele. Mainland has just arrived today :) – Jay Vorasithsaet, Thailand


"hi...i visited your shop in april, bought your KoAloha tenor ...great ukulele shop :)" – Sikwan Atk, Thailand


"Fantastic job tonight, guys!! Will be looking forward to the next one, especially performing for it :D – Rushan, Singapore


"Bought my 3rd Uku yesterday-this time a Kamoa concert E series at UM. The sound is sweet and cool! A real value for $$$ and adds on to my collection." – Raymond Chui, Singapore


Hi there, I recently visited your shop on my short working trip to Singapore. I travel a lot with my job so obviously the uke is my best friend. I have searched high and low looking for ukuleles in cities I visit, mostly in Australia where I live and do most of my travel, but I have to say that your shop in Singapore was by far the finest and most impressive collection I have seen in one place! Sadly I couldn't buy a uke as my girlfriend would kill me if I came home with ANOTHER uke! So instead I just bought a stand for my living room. I look forward to my next visit when ever that may be and hopefully I can walk away with a bigger purchase. Best of luck with your shop and your ukulele group. – Regards, Dave, Australia


"Very happy with my Kala bari uke :>" – Jasmine Zhou, Singapore


"More power, Ukulele Movement, all the way from the Philippines! Rock on! \m/" – Kit Ang, Philippines


Hello, today my girlfriend OHANA PK10S 4 items to buy thanks a lot if I go to Singapore next year. I will go shopping at the UKULELE. MOVEMENT again She said a lot of you good service. Thanks again. – Bo, Thailand


Dear Simon, thanks for the splendid fittings and works perfect with fishman GII. Have a great weekend. – TT, Singapore


Greetings from Indonesia, just want to let you guys know that I have received the strings that I bought from the store via's really nice thanks alot – Aßuy Rapanatz, Indonesia


Awesome shop with awesome people helped me choose an awesome ukulele to finally play this song without me feeling like my old uke sucks. Thanks for re-igniting my interest in the uke! – Jean Goh Seizure, Singapore


Hi there, recently I purchased a Cordoba mahogany concert in your store while on holidays from Australia. Your salesperson (a very nice girl) spent a lot of time helping me choose one. Now I am safely home in Perth, Western Australia I can advise that I had absolutely NO problem in importing the instrument thru our Customs and Quarantine, (it being wood which we have to declare). So, therefore you can let any other Australians know this is OK. Am now strumming away and getting the hang of playing. Unfortunately I did not get the name of the girls who played for me and my wife.  I would like to know so that I can thank her. I was there on 24 Feb and got the uku, a tuner and book. Thank you so much. – Adrian Edwards, Australia


Can I just say I've only had 2 lessons with you guys and I'm loving this whole experience of it. More than just a "music school", you guys have a created a warm & inviting space for people who love the ukulele to gather, hang out, jam, laugh together, and just chill. So much passion, friendship & positive musical vibes at Ukulele Movement. Simon & Glyn Chan, you guys are doing something right. ♥ – Pamela Ho, Singapore


Hi Ukulele Movement! Got my Aleho Concert ukulele today from you guys :) I've to compliment for the good service. The clear explanation and friendly approach really made my day! The staff even taught me how to play a song and some chords. Thank you so much and gonna have fun playing my little buddy now :D – Adhianto Suherli


Simon, Just wanted to give you some positive feedback and updates. I have now done at least 4 gigs (cause I waited to fully understand the pick ups performance with different PA's and venues) and all good! My 8 string is now fully back in action and it sounds great. The B-Band is working excellent. There is a slightly warmer tone with this pick up then the original which is fine with me. The only other "slight" difference is I notice the action of the strings have been "slightly" raised...not a big deal but just something I noticed. Thanks again...great job!  See you next time in Singapore. Best – James Speck, Cambodia


I bought a very nice Kamoa Mahogany E-T model. Like it very much. Thank you Don and the rest of the guys at UM – Vies Arjuna Rashomon


I sent my bass down today. Your guys Don and Wan were great hosts! Anyway, Don managed to check it out and it was a battery problem. I guess somehow my own battery change didn't work. Got a leather strap from the shop too. it's a cool place! will be back to visit soon! :) Thks so much for your help! – Karen Lee, Singapore


>Hi Glyn, thank you so much for helping us to organise the workshop! The participants all enjoyed the programme and they absolutely adore Alan! Help us to convey our thanks to him too :) – Zi Tian, NTUC Youth Programme 


Hi, thanks for the great service! Item received. It was delivered on monday – Baoling, Singapore


Hey! I received the ukulele in today afternoon. Wow...what a fantastic instrument!!!!! In one word:SUPER THANK!!!!! – 劉 雯雯, China


Hello U.M. I just posted on your wall. I already bought tie-dye ukulele. the one who assist me is also a filipino like me. he's the guy with the santa's hat. on your Rick Price Picture. :)) Thanks U.M. more power to you guys. Happy New Year! – Sidel Cruz, Philippines


Keep up the great work in Singapore. Kalei and I are enjoying your sharing of the love and interest in your country. Hope one day we will be able to visit your beautiful country to put on a concert/workshop for everyone to enjoy. – Derek K. Gamiao, Hawaii


Just bought my first Uke tonight and was helped by staff RJ and i just had to come and say that RJ was phenomenal in every way. His honesty, helpfulness, product knowledge, and all the while he just felt like he was constantly having a great, great time. He's an absolute absolute joy to be around and he was so giving! Taught me "Somewhere over the rainbow" briefly and that song's become the top of my list to learn on a Uke. Thank you so, so, so much for having RJ as a staff, i had a damn good purchasing time at Ukulele Movement. – Andrik Sim, SIngapore


Hi! I went to Ukulele Groove at Sentosa Island a few weeks ago and got the ukulele fever. Last week I went to Ukulele Movement and Chris helped me buy a Cordoba Uke. I have a blog written by my Cat and she recently posted a story that pays tribute to Ukulele Movement. Please check it out...
Also please thank Chris for the wonderful service he provided. Thanks and see you all next Wed at my first ukulele class. – Bill Brown, Singapore


Hello everyone at Ukulele Movement! I just wanted to send many thanks for your help in finding the best ukulele for me and my group, Johnny K Band.  Our new album, “Walk The Loop”, has just been released on iTunes and I’m excited to say that I used the ukulele I bought in your Singapore store to write and perform all of the 11 tracks.  Thank you for letting me play almost every Ukulele you have to find my perfect instrument and I hope you spread the word about my new music.
All the best,
John Kennedy
Johnny K Band

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