Repairs & Warranty

All ukuleles purchased from UM come with a minimum 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Please check with the brands' website regarding their respective warranty coverage. 

1. A defect is defined as anything that impairs the playability of the instrument, which includes: 
(i) machine head malfunctioning not due to wear and tear; 

(ii) nut and bridge displacement; 

(iii) neck separating from body at the heel; 

(iv) internal bracing loosening; 

(v) fret buzz due to uneven fret wire(s) or lower-than-usual string action; 

(vi) malfunctioning of electronics not due to abuse. 

2. Fret intonation, sustain, fret buzz due to neck warping, expansion or contraction of fret wires and any subjective issues such as “tone”, are not considered as defects. The ukulele is an instrument with a fixed nut and saddle, and nonadjustable neck, hence intonation and sustain can vary from ukulele to ukulele. We cannot guarantee a ukulele to have perfect intonation. 

3. Customers are not entitled to a remedy if:

(i) they damage, misuse, abuse, neglect, practice improper storage or handling; or

(ii) damages are caused by an accident, humidity or lack thereof, extreme temperature exposure or contact with liquids; or

(iii) modifications/repair works were made to the product by themselves/any third party; or

(iv) any instrument on which the serial number or label has been removed; or

(v) the item(s) are not purchased from UM; or

(vi) items such as zips on gigbags and ukulele straps become faulty after repeated usage; or

(vii) items such as clothing shrink or discolour after wash; or

(viii) items display normal wear and tear, including but not limited to discolouration, fading or damage to the original finish, worn frets, strings, machine heads, hardware and plating.

4. UM’s first course of action would be to repair the defective goods. If repair is not possible, UM will replace the defective item with the same model. If the defective product is no longer in production, a similar model (of similar value) will be used to replace the defective product.

5. If the defective product displays wear and tear, UM reserves the right to replace such items with items that are not brand new, as long as they are of a similar make, quality, model and condition.