October 12, 2019

Be dazzled by the latest creation from Enya Ukulele, the Nova U! This might just be the coolest uke to come out in a long time and it's a must for any ukulele collector or great as a gift. Why as a gift? We'll get to that later as you read on.













































Made from a composite blend of carbon fiber (30%) and polycarbonate (70%), the sound coming out from this concert sized thin-body ukulele is loud and bright! Most plastic ukuleles tend to sound a little hollow and soft but Enya got the correct blend of composite and bracing with the Nova U–in our humble opinion.










The ukulele is made up of two pieces joined as shown in the diagram on the right. This means that the fretboard, fretwire, top soundboard, and the top plate of the headstock is a one-piece construction. The neck and the rest of the body which consist of the back and sides is another one-piece construction. It is then put together to form a ukulele.


It has a sound port on the side of the body to project the sound to the player. All models come with a cutaway and interesting soundhole on the front. 




The fun doesn't stop there.

With an option to purchase a model pre-installed with a Double G-O pickup with full onboard sound effects and amplifier, you don't really need to carry an amplifier any longer. Safely take this uke to the beach or pool knowing it's comfortable around water too (we wouldn't recommend the model with pickup for obvious reasons). 

That aside, the whole ukulele is made from a composite material, even the fret wires are made from plastic, so the only thing you should be worried about is the strap buttons and machine heads getting wet.



To top it all off, Enya spoils their customers with freebies such as a matching coloured semi-hard case and an accessories pack consisting of a matching strap, capo, and strings. 

The best part is that the Nova U comes in five exciting colours that will instantly add colour and a smile to your face. 




All these at an unbeatable price of only S$129.00 (without pickup) orS$249.00 (with pickup). With all the goodies thrown in and to top it off, it comes in a beautifully designed gift box, makes the perfect gift for any occasion.



Available now exclusively at UKULELE MOVEMENT. SHOP NOW.

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