July 03, 2019

Kaka Ukulele 200 SeriesFrom the makers of Enya Ukulele, Kaka ukulele enjoys the same high standards in quality and production, while providing an unparalleled value for money to the avid ukulele player.

The all-new 200-series is their latest creation to meet the demands of beginner ukulele players who are looking for an affordable ukulele without sacrificing looks or sound. The 200-series ukuleles are constructed in full Mahogany laminate in three sizes.

Also newly-launched, the 300-series in Solid Acacia top with Mahogany back and sides would be able to cater to the demands of the beginner/intermediate ukulele player looking for a solid top with a well-balanced sound. Achieved from the combination of a bright-sounding solid Acacia top and a slightly warmer-sounding Mahogany back and sides. Available in three sizes with built-in Double G-0 pickup with effects.

Kaka Ukulele 300 Series

All ukuleles in the 200 & 300 series are easily distinguishable by their attractive "Totem Patterned" rosette. As with Enya ukuleles, the bridge utilises a very secure in-body stringing system. This actually helps to transfer the constant pull from the strings to keep the bridge pressed down to the soundboard, thus reducing bridge popping and vibration issues.

Included are pre-installed strap buttons at the bottom of the lower bout and at the heel area of the neck (part where the neck meets the body), and a padded gigbag.

Available this week at UKULELE MOVEMENT. Going at a very affordable and attractive price from S$109 for the 200-series to S$159 for the 300-series.



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