March 06, 2020

2019 was the first time Kanile'a Ukulele introduced the Pineapple Tenor as part of the on-going Platinum Limited Edition Series. It was so well-received that Kanile'a decided to add it to their regular lineup.

So here we are in 2020, with a new pineapple tenor from one of the best Hawaiian ukulele brands around.

Pineapple tenors are a rare breed. Equipped with a larger body and soundboard, expect a bigger sound and a more beefy, robust tone.

As usual, the high-quality parts and finishes come as standard on each Kanile'a ukulele. On the Premium model featured here, you will find a premium select solid Hawaiian curly Koa body.

The fretboard and bridge are made from an almost black colour Ebony wood that contrasts nicely against the lighter Koa wood tone of the body. Ebony wood is one of the densest in the world and due to the oilier pores and very tight grains in the wood, ebony does not require a finish and this gives the fretboard a very slick and fast playing quality which many players seek. For tonal qualities, ebony is very similar to maple. They both share bright and clear tones. Needless to say, ebony is much favoured for it's aesthetics and wear-resistance.

On the headstock which also features an ebony faceplate, you will find a special  new Kanile'a Pineapple logo adapted from the 2019 Platinum Series. A pretty and colourful variation of the original and well-suited to this series.

The new semi-hard case that comes free with the premium models are a real delight to have. The plush velvet and thickly-padded interior with adjustable neck rest and strap is assuring and fitting for an ukulele of this caliber.

The P1-T Premium model is retailing for S$2,699 while the standard P1-T is retailing for S$2,130.



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