Xvive U2 Rechargeable 2.4GHZ Wireless Instrument Audio Transmitter

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The Xvive U2 systemoffers four channel choices at 2.4 GHz, and up to 21 metres line-of-sight outdoors, so you can use 4 sets transmitters and receivers with multiple instruments in the same setting, or you can assign multiple receivers to the same channel and use a single transmitters. And, unless you are playing on a football field-sized stage, you should be just fine in terms of distance for most venues.

Elegant Sound
There was no noticeable difference in the audio or the guitar response. U2 system give you the response from your instrument that is very similar to what you are used to from a cable. For guitarists, nothing is more important than tone. U2 is the only system that delivers your tone without compression or compromise. Featuring wider frequency response, next-generation technology, and more dynamic range than other wireless systems;

Extremely Simple Design
The compact size and flexibility makes both pieces system very attractive. They can be put into a gig bag or guitar case. Because they are foldable, they don't protrude when plugged into a guitar, amp, or pedal. You won't need a special model based on whether you plug the U2 into the front of you guitar (a Strat, for example) as opposed to plugging into the side of your instrument, as you would on a Tele.

Fast and Simple Recharging
One way of getting around the continuous expense and waste is to use rechargeable batteries. Still, you need to ensure that you have a set charged for the next gig or rehearsal. With the U2, you can use the included Y cable and plug into a USB outlet or power adapter, much as charge your mobile phone. The U2 offers up to five hours of play time with full charge, Just plug these in and they charge up quickly.
2.4GHz — Free from Interference  
What‘s the best way to avoid interference? Xvive U2 digital wireless systems broadcast in the 2.4GHz band, which successfully avoids interference caused by TV stations, public safety broadcasts, cell phone towers, and other high-powered sources, but we would suggest you keep the system 3 metres away from Wifi router or other wireless system around.

    • More than 21 metres range, Line-0f-Site outdoors
    • Less than 6ms Latency; simultaneous broadcasts on four channels (only supports passive electric guitar pickup and piezo-electric acoustic guitar pickup not with microphone system pickup)
    • Broad 20Hz — 20kHz frequency response, 4 — 5 hours of battery life (Rechargable Lithuim Battery)
    • Comes with transmitter, receiver and USB power cable
    • 2.4GHz band is optimal for guitar wireless, approved for use in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia

Warranty Period
One (1) year for parts and labour for any defective units. If you feel a defect exists, please contact us immediately. All warranty claims MUST BE accompanied by the original receipt, packaging, and any accessories included. UKULELE MOVEMENT reserves the right to reject any claims for warranty if the conditions are not met.
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