Aquila Kids Educational Colourful Ukulele Strings (AQ-160U)

Aquila Kids New Nylgut® GCEA Set (Coloured)
Code: 160U

Fits soprano, concert, tenor sets

High G-C-E-A, key of C
Set of 4 strings
New Nylgut® strings length is 60cm

The strings are coloured G (green) - C (red) - E (yellow) - A (blue) so they can be differentiated easily.

The best sound quality develops when the strings have completely set,  which may ordinarily take sometime. To achieve a stable intonation in  just a few minutes you can repeatedly pinch each string at mid-length  with your fingers, pull it decidedly sideways and tune it up again. Stop  when the string does not pull out of tune anymore.

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