Ukulele in the Classroom Book 2 Textbook

Ukulele in the Classroom Book 2 Textbook

by James Hill & J. Chalmers Doane

Ukulele in the Classroom is a methodical approach to developing music literacy skills in school classrooms and other learning environments. The series of 3 books features over 100 carefully crafted arrangements of traditional music from around the world, works by great classical composers and popular songs, each reinforcing elements of an ever-expanding skill set.

The majority of the repertoire in Book 2 is arranged for two or three ukulele parts (in addition to chordal accompaniment), each requiring a different level of proficiency. In other words, there's something for everyone in each carefully crafted arrangement.

Skills and concepts introduced in Book 2 include the double strum, the chromatic scale, secondary dominant chords, blues improvisation, and more.

Ukulele in the Classroom Book 2 features over two dozen arrangements tailor-made for you and/or your music class! Listen to audio samples from Book 2.


 37 fun lessons 
 Tons of creative exercises 
 Over two dozen engaging arrangements 
 100% "High 4th Friendly" Tuning Help
 Melody picking 

 Duets and trios 
 Practical lessons in music theory
 64 pages

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