Love On The Equator CD - The Ukulele Girls

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Here’s a captivating album filled with whimsical lyrics and melodious sentiment from The Ukulele Girls’ debut album, Love on the Equator. Every song is a personal snapshot of life and love, sung in the disarmingly lovely vocals and harmonies of The Ukulele Girls. With the charming four-stringed instrument featuring heavily in all tracks, expect lilting tunes and delicate ukulele solos. Some songs are stripped down, revealing a fragility and frank simplicity. Others are more percussive and uplifting, accompanied by instruments such as glockenspiels, harmonicas and violins, which add richness and depth to the album. Both joyful and dreamy, this album evokes images of golden summer days and balmy tropical nights, offering an insightful glimpse into life on our little dot on the equator. Feel the spark, the infectious enthusiasm that will inspire you to pick up the ukulele and indulge in the magic of music. Check out The Ukulele Girls on facebook here.

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