Kamaka Soprano /Concert Ukulele Strings (High G)

Kamaka strings are made of a superior black nylon material. They are well balanced and provides great intonation.

The same set can be used on soprano or concert size ukuleles. Each pack consists of 4 strings : G, C, E, A

Gauge for KK-S1 High G set
4th: G - 0.0280 nylon
3rd: C - 0.0403 nylon 
2nd: E - 0.0322 nylon
1st: A - 0.0280 nylon

Gauge for KK-S1G Low G set (1 wound string)

4th: G - 0.0350 Silver Wound
3rd: C - 0.0403 nylon
2nd: E - 0.0322 nylon
1st: A - 0.0280 nylon


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