Enya Humidifier

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Essential for keeping the right humidity for your instrument(s) to prevent wood separation due to glue drying, or warping due to wood shrinkage or expansion.

If the instrument is kept in constant air-conditioning or heating (for colder climates), this device will help monitor the humidity in storage and prevent damage due to humidity, keeping your instrument in tip-top condition.

Works on guitar, ukulele and most stringed instruments.

• Humidifier (guitar/ukulele)
• Built-in hygrometer
• Bottle applicator

• When ambient humidity is below 40%, leave humidifier (filled with water) in soundhole, and monitor humidity level periodically
• When ambient humidity is above 70%, do not use with water. Instead, drop a few packs of silica gel into the case or soundhole and monitor humidity level periodically

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