WORTH Ukulele Strings Brown Fluorocarbon

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Worth Strings Brown Fluorocarbon
Made in Japan 


WORTH ukulele strings are manufactured in Japan and made of 100% Fluoro-carbon material. Fluorocarbon material is ultra-violet resistance, stable, and does not change with the humidity. Traditional nylon ukulele strings will absorb the humidity and changes with the weather, and as a result, de-tune the instrument.

Worth strings come in choice of clear fluorocarbon or brown fluorocarbon. 
Clear fluorocarbon: provides clearer, brighter sound
Brown fluorocarbon: provides milder, mellower sound

Benefits of using WORTH strings:
  • Elasticity - When setting new strings, these fluorocarbon strings will distend only for one or two days.
  • No future relaxing of the strings elasticity will occur which makes the string go flat.
  • Worth strings can be very thin and yet have good balance. Worth Strings are tailored for the balance you prefer.
  • Volume - The very thin Fluoro-carbon string produce excellent volume.
  • Tone - Worth strings have good, resounding, high, dry, sweet sound.
  • Clarity - Unchangeable in changing weather conditions. These strings have the same voice, regardless of the instrument body type. Worth strings offer longer life and stable tuning.

Good to know:

  • Each pack contains 46inch (for sop/con) or 63inch (for tenor/baritone) strings that are long enough for 2 sets.
  • Full-set packs comprise a set of 4 regular tension strings namely G-C-E-A 
  • Single-string packs (low G only) comprise a single low G string suitable for soprano/concert/tenor ukuleles


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