Liz & Jim Beloff - Rare Air

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Liz & Beloff - Rare Air
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Beginning with Love Is A Many Splendored Thing and finishing with The Glory Of Love, the songs on Rare Air address the various ups and down of modern life and romance. Flea Market Music founders, Liz and Jim Beloff, apply their breezy, close harmonies to many songs that have become staples of their live performances over the years including Tonight You Belong To Me, Que Sera, Sera and the title track. Co-produced by Waitiki 7’s Randy Wong and backed up by many top musicians, Rare Air features new songs by Jim and frequent collaborators, Herb Ohta and Lyle Ritz. Other standout tracks include Just Like New York, Finishing The Thought For Me, Aging Gratefully, Not Yet and Old In New Mexico. 13 tracks.
Song List:

Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (Fain/Webster)
Rare Air (Beloff)
Just Like New York (Ohta/Beloff)
The Open Road (Beloff)
At The Maic Laundromat (Ohta/Beloff)
Finishing The Thought For Me (Ohta/Beloff)
Not Yet (Beloff)
Tonight You Belong To Me (David/Rose)
Lullaby (Beloff)
Aging Gratefully (Beloff)
Que Sera, Sera (Livingston/Evans)
Old In New Mexico (Ritz/Beloff)
The Glory Of Love (Hill)

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