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The Ukulele Chord Deck

The Ukulele Chord Deck

The ideal gift for the beginning player! This “deck” of cards includes over 40 essential ukulele chords presented in tab and full-color photos so you can see exactly where to place your fingers. View the front of each Ukulele Chord Deck card to see the shape and fingerings illustrated on a life-size fingerboard, then turn the card over to find the chord written in tablature, showing the frets, strings, and scale degrees and a full-color photo of the chord being played on a real ukulele. It's simply everything you need to start strumming favorite tunes today!

Inventory #HL 14037742
ISBN: 9780825637537
UPC: 752187001560
Publisher Code: AM1001561
Width: 4.5"
Length: 12.0"