Jim Dunlop 6501 Guitar Polish Kit

Dunlop System 65 Guitar Polish Kit 

Use this combo on your instrument’s body for a clean and sharp-looking finish.


The Guitar Polish Kit gives you everything you need to keep your instrument’s finish clean and looking sharp—Formula 65™ Cleaner-Polish to remove grime and fingerprints, Bodygloss 65™ Cream of Carnauba to polish and protect against moisture and stains, and two polishing cloths for easy, no-mar application.
  • Kit contains Guitar Polish & Cleaner and Body Gloss Cream of Carnauba Wax
  • Daily use polish and cleaner leaves a no-residue shine
  • Body Gloss is highest grade carnauba wax in Dunlop's proprietary formula
  • Chemically balanced to keep your finish in pristine shape

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