Enya Ukulele Strings

Premium High Density Ukulele Strings

Enya ukulele strings are made of PVDF fluorocarbon, a polymer of higher molecular weight and density than nylon strings. It produces superior volume, sustain and playability.

Made in Japan

Each pack consists of 4 strings for standard ukulele high G tuning:
G (4th string)
C (3rd string)
E (2nd string)
A (1st string)

Soprano / Concert standard (high G) set E31

Gauge for model E31 (recommended for soprano or concert size)
1(A)-0.019" 2(E)-0.025" 3(C)-0.028" 4(G)-0.021"

Tenor standard (high G) set E6

Gauge for model E6 (recommended for tenor size)
1(A)-0.021" 2(E)-0.026" 3(C)-0.029" 4(G)-0.023"

EUL-3 Fluorocarbon non-wound Low G Single Soprano

- 4th low G string only (single string)
- Transparent fluorocarbon non-wound string
- String Gauge: 0.034"
- Designed for soprano only

EUL-6 Wound Low G Single

● 4th low G string only (single string)
● Wound type string
● String Gauge: 0.030"
● Designed for soprano, concert, and tenor

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