Kala Metal Round Wound U•BASS® Strings

The Kala Metal Round Wound strings continue to be a favorite among U•BASS® players that like the familiar feel of metal strings. This unique set is constructed of a nylon core with silver-plated windings. These round wound strings provide a warm booming tone that the U•BASS® is known for. The strings are specifically constructed for the Kala U•BASS® to provide the player with extreme playability and accurate intonation. They feature lower tension compared to traditionally built bass strings, which gives them a great feel and makes them easy on the fingers:

  • Fits all Round Wound set-up Kala U•BASS® Instruments*
  • 4-String Set includes: EADG
  • Louder acoustic option than the original polyurethane strings
  • Designed for the traditional bass tuning (EADG)
  • Suitable for 20“ - 21" Scale
  • Original string set on the UBASS-WNDR-FS, UBASS-JYMN-FS, UBASS-JYMN-BK-FS, and UBASS-EBY-FSRW

*Please note for use on polyurethane string U•BASS® setups, the instrument will need a new, compatible nut to accommodate these strings. Kala Metal Round Wound U•Bass Strings have a lower gauge that is too thin for the nut slots on a U•BASS® pre-fit for Polyurethane strings. This can cause buzzing on open string notes. It's recommended that a nut designed for the round wound strings is used. You can purchase one here: U•BASS TUSQ Nut - 4 String (RW). / U•BASS TUSQ Nut - 5 String (RW). Please note that a nut swap should always be performed by an experienced instrument technician for best results. Due to the change to a higher tension as well, a truss rod adjustment is also recommended.

**Not for use on California Solid Body U•BASS®

*** Modifications performed by the user will void the manufacturer warranty. Please also note that Kala is not responsible for damages to instruments caused by new string installments. 

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