Aquila SuperNylgut Ukulele Strings Set

You Save 28% ($4.00)

Aquila SuperNylgut Strings

Available in soprano, concert, tenor, regular GCEA tuning and low G tuning

Set of 4 strings each

Aquila is proud to present a new version of their bestselling Nylgut® strings: the SUPERNYLGUT® sets. With a fascinating pearl colour and a smooth surface, the strings under the fingers will feel as good as natural wax. They are rather soft, but at the same time they stretch less than Nylgut, so they are easier and faster to tune, and will be more stable right from the start. In addition, SUPERNYLGUT® is stronger and therefore less sensitive to the sharp edges of the capo and bridge of your ukulele, and is less likely to dent against the frets or when played with fingernails.

All these innovations are combined with the rich and brilliant sound that has made Nylgut the best success!

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