August 25, 2018

If you have never heard of Muse Ukulele before, that's because this is a completely new brand created in-house by UKULELE MOVEMENT.

Launched in August 2018, Muse Ukulele was created with the ukulele player in mind, after gaining valuable feedback from ukulele players. Comfort, tone, playability, and most importantly–affordability are what you can expect from Muse Ukulele.

Comfort has always been listed right at the top of many player's requirements, whether they are beginners or seasoned pros. From the weight and balance of the ukulele right down to the lower bout where your inner forearm rests, Muse ukuleles are designed with comfort in mind.
• A well-balanced and moderately light weight ukulele requires less effort to support.
• A low-profile neck reduces pressure on the thumb while fretting thus allowing faster and more efficient playing.
• Rounded edges means less discomfort when you rest your arm on the lower bout while playing.
With comfort taken care of, you would pick up the ukulele to play more often.


Getting the right sound starts with pairing the right woods. For a start, we have three different models with different wood combinations. There are two series which come with solid wood tops, and a basic model that is laminate throughout.
A solid spruce top with acacia laminate back and sides – The bright tone from spruce paired with a mellow sounding acacia back and sides will balance out the highs and lows.
• A sweet sounding and responsive solid cedar top for a soundboard paired with deep and warm undertones from a hardwood such as ebony laminate creates a rich and bassy undertone many players seek.
A full mahogany laminate will satisfy those seeking mellow sound.
• Using materials such as bone nut and saddle, walnut bridge, and a processed and hot-pressed poplar fretboard all contribute to the sound you get from a ukulele, not forgetting Aquila New Nylgut strings to bring out the best in the tonewoods.

In order for one to play well, the instrument has to be easy to play. Each ukulele is set up optimally at the factory to ensure maximum playability straight out of the box.
• Optimal string height at the nut and 12th fret translate into ease of fretting and strumming. A low action means it will be easier to hold down a chord, a string, or a barre chord. Too low and you may get fret buzz, or less sustain. We have worked out the most optimal string height for all Muse ukuleles. You can play straight out of the box, mean cost and time savings  from having bring it to a luthier to adjust the action later.
• Using Aquila New Nylgut for tone, elasticity, thickness, and hardness produces a bright tone while achieving volume and sustain with ease.

One of the most important factor for most people is price. For Muse Ukulele, managing this cost while maintaining quality and all the other factors will continue to be a challenge, but we strive to make Muse Ukulele accessible to all.

Prices start from S$125 for a basic Mahogany laminate model to S$199 for a solid top Cedar or Spruce model with pickup and built-in tuner.

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