March 11, 2019

The Enya M6 series is one of the most recognizable and well-regarded ukulele right now. Having garnered many positive reviews in recent times, we are proud to bring you their most popular model in 3 different colour finishes – Natural, Black, and Blue.

Made from all-solid Mahogany, this model brings warmth and tone to your every strum. The black Richlite fretboard and bridge contrasts nicely with the wood-of-pearl inlay and is built to last. Strung with D'addario J87 strings, there is clarity and punch in every note that you pick. This uke is great for seasoned players as well as beginners as it is very well set up and easy to play.

Every colour is available in 2 models: With pickup (Double A1U) or without a pickup.
Also available in concert size (natural finish only), with and without pickup.

Enya M6 Blue

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