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Welcome to the UM Ukulele Method Programme. This programme has been carefully crafted to suit all levels, from the very beginner who has never touched an instrument before, to the regular strummer who loves to play and sing along, to the seasoned fingerstyle enthusiast who wants to fine tune their techniques, we have a module that would be suitable for you to take on its own or in progression as your skills improve.

We are currently accepting applications online and in-store for next month's intake. All modules are conducted in a classroom format in groups of up to 7-8 students per class for Module 1 and 1+. For Modules 2 and 3, groups will be smaller in order for students to receive more individual attention from the instructors. For more information on the modules, details will be available below the time table.

For those who cannot commit to our group class schedule, individual (private lessons 1-on-1) are also available for signups here.
Ad-hoc private lessons (one off or in a block) are also available. Please inquire in-store, phone 6299 0580,
or email us.



June 2017 Lessons Intake
Time 11am - 12pm 12pm - 1pm 1pm - 2pm 2pm - 3pm 3pm - 4pm 4pm - 5pm 5pm - 6pm 6pm - 7pm 7pm - 8pm


  June Module 1+
20 Jun - 5 Sept (VL)




  June Module 1
22 Jun - 7 Sept (VL)




June Module 1
17 Jun - 2 Sept (VL)




June Module 1+
18 Jun - 10 Sept (NC)





M1 textbook


Module 1 – Beginner Ukulele Method
Designed to suit beginners with no prior music knowledge, this module covers basic chords and strumming patterns as well as other commonly used chords in most popular music today. Students learn about rhythm and how to apply different strumming patterns to suit each rhythm. Songs include pop, traditional, and familiar tunes. This module is also suitable for self-taught ukulele players who want to build up their proficiency in the instrument.

Suitable for:
Beginners with no prior experience with musical instruments
• Self-taught players who want to polish up their skills
• Anyone who wants to pick up a new skill
• Anyone seeking a new hobby, be part of an ever-growing community
• Anyone who wants to learn to play a musical instrument

Format & Fees:
12 weeks duration • One hour per week • 4–8 students per class • Fees: S$320.00 (incl. textbook) per student • Instrument not included • Textbook: UM Beginner Ukulele Method Module 1

 Module 1+


Module 1+ NEW!
Eight weeks of learning pop song s, chart toppers, oldies, rhythms, and techniques from playing songs you like. This continuation of Module 1 would help to polish up essential skills and techniques to play songs like Hey Jude by John Lennon, Fields of Gold by Sting, I Can See Clearly Now by Johnny Nash, Price Tag by Jessie J and Life in Technicolor II by Coldplay.

Suitable for:
Beginners who can play and sing at the same time
• Ability to change chords without having to look at the hands
Self-taught players who want to polish up their rhythm
• Beginners who have completed Module 1  

Format & Fees:
12 weeks duration • One hour per week • 4–8 students per class • Fees: S$320.00 (incl. textbook)
per student • Instruments not included • Textbook: UM Beginner Ukulele Method Module 1+

 Module 2


Module 2 – Beginner/Intermediate Ukulele Method
For students who want to learn music theory (notes reading, music scales etc.), this module is designed to help student embrace music theory with ease. Learn to play lead and harmonising parts to a song in a fun and relaxed setting. This module prepares the student to progress smoothly into playing chord melodies, simple instrumental solos and arpeggios which make a nice alternative to strumming accompaniment.

Suitable for:
Beginners with some experience on stringed instruments
• Self-taught players who want to learn music theory
• Ukulele strummers who want to learn how to play melody or solos

Format & Fees: 12 weeks duration • One hour per week • 4-8 students per class • Fees: S$320.00 (incl. textbook)
per student • Instruments not included • Textbook: UM Beginner Ukulele Method Module 2

 Module 3


 Module 3 – Intermediate Ukulele Method
This module is suitable for player who have prior music background, or have completed Module 2. Techniques covered in this module prepare students to play solos in various genres of music including classical, pop, rock, and bossa nova.

Suitable for:
Students who have completed Module 2
• Guitar players who are keen to pick up the ukulele
• Ukulele players who are proficient in strumming and picking
• Ukulele players who wants to expand their repertoire

Format & Fees: 12 weeks duration • One hour per week • 4-6 students per class • Fees: S$360.00 (incl. textbook)
per student per module • Instruments not included • Textbook: UM Intermediate Ukulele Method Module 3


For all our modules, students are free to bring their own ukuleles if they own one, or purchase one from us. Students are not limited to just entry level models. Most importantly, find one which suits your budget, with the kind of tone you like, and one that feels and looks good in your hands! 

Important note:
1. Course fees for all Modules (12 x hourly-sessions, once a week) is payable upfront upon sign-up.

2. Each sign-up is non-transferable nor refundable once the module has commenced unless the lessons are not able to continue due to unforeseen circumstances.

3. Each booking can only be guaranteed upon payment of the course fees and course material charge.

4. Each class will only commence if there is a minimum of 3 students.

5. Lessons will be conducted at UM178, 178 Race Course Road, Singapore 218608.










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