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New and improved KoAlana Ukuleles are back
Back after a long hiatus, the reinvented KoAlana Line is now better than ever and priced attractively for a beginner's ukulele.

A high-level in built quality is as expected from the KoAloha brand, as are playbility and clear tones that easily resonate from the laminated Mahoni body, a native Indonesian wood. A very important feature that seems lacking in most of today's ukulele brands is a wider fretboard. Here, you will find that the spacing is very generous on all KoAlana ukuleles–great for "fat fingers" or beginners who have difficulty holding down a clean-sounding chord.

Available in soprano, concert, and tenor sizes. Free gigbag included.

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Terms & conditions
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UM MethodThe UM Ukulele Method

Want to learn how to play the ukulele? It's fun and it's easy!

Unlike the guitar and other stringed instruments which require at least a few good months of consistent practice and instruction to tease a decent sound out the instrument, with the ukulele you can be certain of playing AND singing simple songs after the 2nd lesson!

September intake is now available for booking online or in-store.




Uke Painting Service

Customise your ukulele

Choosing an instrument can be very personal. Why not take it a step further and customise it so that it will be the only piece in the world that is unique to yourself?

At UKULELE MOVEMENT, we offer an in-house Uke Painting Service to help you attain that special ukulele for yourself, a loved one, or for that special someone. Personalised ukes often make excellent gift ideas.

As each artwork is unique, a short discussion with our in-house artist would be necessary. Please contact us to set up an appointment.