The James Hill Ukulele Course

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The James Hill Ukulele Course is a new and exciting musical experience for ukulele students, now available exclusively at UKULELE MOVEMENT. Based on a method created by J. Chalmers Doane and James Hill, the program aims to open doors for students wishing to pursue music further, while keeping a "fun from day one" experience in mind. The primary purpose of the program is to engage students in a process that develops authentic musicianship and positive attitudes toward music.

The syllabus is a sequential, performance-based ukulele method through which students explore elements of music including melody, harmony, rhythm, form, tempo, dynamics, and tone. Areas of skill include singing, picking, strumming, ear-training, sight-reading, improvising, music theory, harmonizing, arranging, and more. In many ways the program melds the lessons of the past with a vision for the future, infusing the wisdom of elders with the creative energy of youth.

While it is understood that every student has a unique combination of aptitudes, interests and abilities, The James Hill Ukulele Course rests on the idea that music is for everyone. Further, it is important to note that the overall goal is not the teach ukulele, per se, but rather to teach music and to develop music literacy skills.







Bbook 1 coverook 1 (over 9 months, 34 lessons)

Ukulele in the Classroom Book 1 starts off on singing, picking, and strumming–by ear and by note, in unison and in parts–in the keys of C major and F major. Other skills taught in Book 1 include singing, strumming, picking, note-reading, ear-training, improvising, and ensemble playing utilising over two dozen vocal and instrumental arrangements.

Repertoire selections arranged in two or three parts include traditional English, French, Chinese, Hawaiian, African, Chilean, and Canadian songs, as well as arrangements of works by Brahms, Benedict, and Holst.

Duration and class size 
• Over 9 months (34 weekly lessons, one hour each)
• Up to 8 per class (minimum 4 pax)


book 2 coverBook 2 (over 11 months, 43 lessons) 

Ukulele in the Classroom Book 2 guides you through traditional and popular music from France, Italy, North America, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Ireland, Guatemala, and Scotland in addition to arrangements of works by Mouret, Vivaldi, Mendelssohn, Glinka, and Mozart. Skills and concepts introduced in Book 2 include the double strum, the chromatic scale, secondary dominant chords, blues improvisation, and more.

The majority of the repertoire in Book 2 is arranged for two or three ukulele parts (in addition to chordal accompaniment), each requiring a different level of proficiency. In other words, there's something for everyone in each carefully crafted arrangement.



book 3 coverBook 3 (Over 11 months, 45 lessons) 

The solid foundation of musicianship skills acquired through Books 1 and 2 allow students to move into ever more exciting repertoire in Book 3. Over the course of this book, students explore minor chords and keys, learn how to use a flatpick, and discover how to transpose chords and scales, all the while expanding upon skills acquired in Books 1 and 2.

In addition to practical sight-reading, harmony, and music theory exercises, Book 3 is full of exciting music from around the world featuring traditional music from Spain, Hawaii, France, Bulgaria, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Canada, the Dominican Republic, the U.S.A., England, Scotland, and Wales, arrangements of works by Handel, Dvorák, Purcell, Ponchielli, and Bach, in addition to familiar popular songs.




Fees and payment methods 

Book 1 Course fee: S$98 per month x 8 monthly payments (Total S$784)
Registration fee: S$20 (per course, non-refundable)
Promo: Full payment upfront with 5% discount (Total: S$744.80)
Fees do not include course material (books to be bought separately S$20 for Book 1 and S$15 for optional CD) 

Book 2 Course fee: S$120 per month x 10 monthly payments (Total S$1200)
Registration fee:
S$20 (per course, non-refundable)
 Full payment upfront with 10% discount (Total: S$1080) 
Fees do not include course material (books to be bought separately S$22 for Book 2 and S$15 for optional CD)

*First monthly payment payable upon booking.
*Subsequent payment to be made at the beginning of the month at the counter before class.

Terms & conditions
1. Course fees are payable upfront upon sign-up.

2. A non-refundable registration fee of $20 is applicable for every signup.
3. Each sign-up is non-transferable nor refundable once the course has commenced unless the lessons are not able to continue / commence due to insufficient signups or unforeseen circumstances.
4. Each space can only be guaranteed upon payment of the course fees.
5. Each class will only commence if there is a minimum of 4 students.
6. There will be no refund for students who drop out halfway through a month (for the monthly payment option).
7. There will be no make up lesson for students who miss their lessons, however private make up lessons can be arranged and chargeable at S$40 per hour per student. Please book in advance.
8. The minimum class size to start is 4 pax. If the class size over time drops down to 2 pax their class will be closed and the students would have to join other classes. If the students are not able to join other classes within the same batch, they can either wait for the next batch (2 months later) or get a refund for the remaining lessons.
9. Course materials available for sale at UM178.

10. Lessons will be conducted at UM178, 178 Race Course Road, Singapore 218608.