Ukuleles in the sand101 Reasons Why You Should Play An Ukulele

Here's a non-exhaustive list of reasons why you should play the ukulele. We gathered this list over time from everyone all over the world. Thank you all who contributed to this list. You have made a difference in someone's life!


1. It is easy to learn. Fun ukulele lessons can happen anywhere! 

2. It's small, cute, portable and fun!

3. It makes a happy sound.

4. It makes you and people around you happy.

5. It's a new hope for people who always wanted to learn how to play a stringed instrument but didn't.

6. It is an excellent way to learn about music and music theory.

7. It's smaller than a guitar so it's easier for kids as well as adults to play.

8. It's affordable.

9. It's small so that means you can collect more because it takes up less space!

10. People who play the uke are generally happier people.

11. There's no right or wrong way to play an ukulele, there's only your way.

12. You can play any kind of music on the uke...jazz, evergreens, pop, soul, Hawaiian...even experimental!

13. You can jam with your friends on the uke, no need to plug in, no need for bass or drums.

14. You can take it on your travels and play it by the beach or up on a mountaintop.

15. It's the third wave of the ukulele movement in the world, be a part of it!

16. It's a fantastic birthday present because it is so meaningful.

17. It is less intimidating than a guitar, people won't expect so much from you.

18. It makes a great conversational starter.

19. Some vintage ukes command a lot of money.

20. Ukes are very collectible, even if you are not looking at it as an investment.

21. It encourages friendliness – Liang Hwei

22. It comes from a beautiful Hawaiian heritage – Liang Hwei

23. You can play your uke if you are locked in a traffic jam (even in the driver's seat!!!) – Marcelo Mariozi

24. You can play it in the toilet!! Even the small one in shopping centres! (as long as you don't need 2 hands–guys need to be seated) – Marcelo Mariozi

25. When you say the word "ukulele", people start to smile – Christine Shreve

26. The ukulele connects people from all over the world – Yun Ting

27. You can play your uke to serenade your girlfriend – Kenny Ong

28. I tried playing the guitar previously but I couldn't hit the notes right until I found the ukulele. Chord changes are easier and it lifts my spirit when I play it – Sharon Lim

29. You can learn to play a simple 3-chord song in just 30 minutes! Believe me we've tried it on a reporter before with no string instrument background.

30.  Want to see quick results? Uke can do it! 

31. You can play everything on the ukulele that you would play on any other instrument (except bass notes! unless you get a bass uke!) – Suzanne Doane

32. You will have a sunnier disposition – Roxy White

33. Ukulele provide relief from stress – Roxy White

34. They promote musical tendencies – Roxy White

35. Ukuleles release your inner child – Roxy White

36. You can learn how to play your favourite song in just one day! – AiTing

37. No matter how off tune you go, it never sounds awful because the sound of a uke is just too sweet – AiTing

38. I get to play it in the car all the way from Singapore to KL on the North South Highway! And you can too! – Nancy Ho

39. Because you'll be different since everybody else plays guitar? – J. Gallagher

40. Ukes make you happy! – Roxy (See Roxy's hand-painted ukuleles here)

41. Because the uke is so accessible--small, portable, easy to tune and carry--you practice more. :) – Crystal

42. Play in the car while in a traffic jam – Sheng

43. Warren Buffet is playing one – Sheng

44. High vibrational sounds promote peace and happiness – Sheng

45. Uke is so small, I can hang a dozen different colour and sizes on the wall, to remind us this is how the world shall be – Sheng

46. You can play the ukulele if your hanging up site down in a broken down roller coaster ;) Joey

47. The Uke can bring total strangers together and become friends – Marc Lim

48. It makes people without any music knowledge want to pick one up and start strumming – Marc Lim

49. Its a crowd puller, everyone is curious and attracted to anyone holding a ukulele – Marc Lim

50. Playing the ukulele gives you hope & happiness – Clarissa Jane

51. The tone brings abundant joy after a long day's work or when life throws sour lemons at your face, the ukulele makes sweet lemonades with you instead! – Clarissa Jane

52. It is so infectious, puts smiles on your face and if it can stave off flaking brain cells and alzheimers, who can resist it? – Annie Stiefel

53. It fits perfectly on a coffee table – Vignaraaj Chantherakumar

54. It looks just awesome on the wall as it does in your hands – Vignaraaj Chantherakumar

55. You can play most of the songs from Spongebob – Vignaraaj Chantherakumar

56. In a world of electronic mobile devices, the ukulele is a mobile device that requires no batteries! – Stevan Hayward

57. "It got me off alcohol", I spend more time practicing on my ukulele then spending time in the pubs anymore!! – Matthew Albanus

58. It encourages simplicity. Reminds us life is easier when you live it in a simple way. =_) – Alvin Baloloy

59. It's a ukulele! It has sizes for everyone, and it just has a happy vibe in general – Dean

60. The soprano's fit in a backpack if you go camping or hiking – Dean

61. It got me through some tough times no matter how silly it sounds (: – Dean

62. It will charm anyone – Lina

63. Playing acoustic electric ukuleles never fail to lift up my spirits...and bring out the romantic side of me – Lina 

64. It's a good excuse to ask a girl out – going to local ukulele festival – Joanne

65. I saw a guy at McDonalds playing a uke at his table and people kept giving him money and started dancing – Jamie Lee

66. Good spending time, bonding with my children. I learned together with my 2 children – Yolanda

67. Because it has the same number of strings as you have fingers! – Antoine Boisvert

68. Because the John Paul and George learned how to play Ukes from John's Mother! – Antoine Boisvert

69. You can stow one in the overhead bin – Antoine Boisvert

70. You can walk and play and sing at the same time without trying too hard – Antoine Boisvert

71. Because Re-entrant tuning is awesome – Antoine Boisvert

72. It’s so easy that the kids at our festival (O.D.P.C. fun fest) are playing in a few minutes during our youth workshop – Ida O’Dell 

73. A ukulele gives those without success with musical instruments confidence to pick up other musical instruments after they gain confidences with their ukulele – David Hoo

74. My daughter says, "You have a silly grin once you start playing your ukulele!" – Peter Wee

75. If everyone played the ukulele the world would be a happier place – James

76. U.A.S....... (Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome) a disease worth catching – James

77. Love, laugh, sing.... and play a ukulele! – James

78. Playing the ukulele gives you the Happy Factor!! – James

79. My little 4 strings gave me a lot of smiles and also a kick-in-the-butt to pursue dreams that I was too scared to chase after earlier" – Nandhu Rajendran

80. Because you become 'cool' to your nieces and nephews, and your great nieces and great nephews – Michael Vassallo

81. You automatically join an 'underground' society – Michael Vassallo

82. If you get a group of ukulele players... you can be the cool club! – Eld

83. It's fun to say – Anon

84. People will flock around you and watch as you play your ukulele. Especially useful for getting the ladies :D – Matthias

85. Great for people with small hands or short fingers – William Whiteker

86. I belong to a Uke club with over 200 paid up members in Brisbane, Australia. Haven't seen a grumpy player yet – William Whiteker

87. UAS or Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome stands for the number of Uke's you need and it's formula is N+1, where N stands for the number you currently own – William Whiteker

88. Playing Ukelele boost up my self confident – Peter Simon Yiu

89. Playing Ukelele enlarge my circle of friend – Peter Simon

90. Playing Ukelele always lift up my spirit – Peter Simon

91. Because someone somewhere will slide up to you one day and whisper "can you recommend a uke for me?" – Michael Vassallo

92. Eventually you will be responsible for converting a guitar player to "come away from the dark side..." – Michael Vassallo

93. Ukulele bringing hope for people that you could strum it so easily you feel like you are a musician in a short time – Kelly Teh

94. Perfect for a T-Rex? or people with short fingers/arms/etc. and they are perfect for kids – Gemma Román

95. Great way to remember Buster Keaton and Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards! – Audrey Rosenthal

96. Because it's freaking awesome – Stephanie Gould

97. It can assuage parental longings because playing one can be like cradling and comforting a lovely baby. Bonus: the ukulele does not grow big and asks to borrow your car – Tan Loy Jin

98. Because when you travel, a two hour late bus becomes an opportunity to perform and make new friends – Julien Degorre

99. Because when you travel, the uke becomes a pocket universal translator to communicate – Julien Degorre

100. Learning to strum the ukulele leads naturally to singing, and more quickly than with most other musical instruments. The traditional, folk and popular songs contain history, literature and culture. Their lyrics set in beautiful and expressive language touch on the whole range of human experience. Knowing them gives one greater understanding of people, and of the human condition – Tan Kee Boey

101. Playing the ukulele, particularly at night just before bedtime, can give one a good night's sleep. By "playing" I do not mean practising chord changes whilst watching television. I mean playing from the score. It is enjoyable, rewarding and challenging: hence a good night's sleep. Best wishes, always – Tan Loy Jin

Big shouts out to all who responded to this little list, we now have 101 reasons on why you should play an ukulele! here's a last one...and why not?