Ukulele Workshop (Worship)

Ukulele Workshop (Worship)

Worship with your ukulele
Ever thought of using the ukulele in worship?
Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you will learn the basics of singing and strumming on the ukulele. This series will kickoff with a focus on worship songs or hymns.
1) Beginners Workshop (60min $15/pax)
Conducted in a fun, relaxed and interactive format, the workshop is targeted at beginners with no prior music training or experience with stringed-instruments. It covers the basic chords, rhythm, and strumming and you’ll learn to play a few songs by the end of the workshop.
Suitable for:
  • Adults or kids 7 yrs old & above
  • Beginners with no prior experience with any musical instruments
2) Intermediate Workshop (60min $20/pax)
In this workshop for players who are familiar with the basic 4 chords and strums, you will learn different strumming patterns, some picking patterns and riffs. Learn to play contemporary worship songs from Hillsong, Matt Redman, etc.
Suitable for:
  • Adults or kids 7 yrs old & above
  • Players who can play beyond the first 4 chords or attended the beginner's workshop from UM
  • Minimum of 4pax to start, you will be notified if the class is not able to start
  • Soprano-sized ukulele loan sets provided


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