Ukulele Christmas for Ukulele Solo book (Jap)

Ukulele Christmas for Ukulele Solo book

by Takeshi Hosoda

Author's bio (From "BOOK author introduction information")
Hosoda / Samurai

Studying music theory with Mr. Junichi Nogashi for each of Fukuo Ito, Masashi Shinohara, Kazuhito Osawa, Takao Kaneko. No. 1 place in the 25th Tokyo International Guitar Competition Second prize winning prize. Spain Ambassador Cup, Ministry of Education Minister's Encouragement Prize and other awards. After debut, I will vigorously perform an ensemble with other instruments such as flutes in addition to solo. Recently, he also focused on solo · ukulele playing, participated in "Aloha Festival" held in Hawaii Island in September 2000, played solo · ukulele and gained popularity. Also, take Herb Ota's lesson in Hawaii. Currently Japan Guitar Federation regular members, GL C members. Yamaha PMS guitar, ukulele instructor (This data was published at the time this book was published)