Ukulele Christmas Best book w/cd

Ukulele Christmas Best book w/cd

Arrangement Performance: Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Christmas music collections ukulele · meister "Kiyoshi Kobayashi" plays. It is the definitive version of Christmas · ukulele · solo which you selected based on classic songs. Famous tunes played with a ukulele. Items perfect for Christmas coloring important moments. Since it is easy to see large TAB score and explanation of performance, you can play gently even at beginner level. The included model performance CD is also perfect as BGM. It is perfect for Christmas gifts.




01. The red-nosed reindeer 02. At the end of Ara (Gloria) 03. Pantone's Santa Claus 04. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 05. Winter and Wonderland 06. The Son of God tonight Psalm 111 07. According to this 08. Christmas Eve 09. The Christmas Song 10. Santa is coming to town 11. Santa Claus Comes 12. Jingle bell 13. A nice holiday 14. Sled slide 15. Christmas songs in Hawaii 16. Himari decorate hymn no. 2nd edition 129 17. Blue Christmas 18. White Christmas 19. Hymn to Hymn no. 103 20. Mommy kissed Santa 21. Mino tree 22. Moromibato tracing and hymn no. 112 23. Last Christmas 24. Let It Snow 25. Happy Christmas (war is over) 26. Schubert's Ave Maria