Ukulele Bossa Nova book w/cd (Jap)

Ukulele Bossa Nova book w/cd

by Kiyoshi Kobayashi (supervised)

It is a collection of songs arranged for ukulele solos by Bossa Nova famous songs that everyone knows.
Also included are pop songs arranged for Bossa Nova Touch so you can practice with Bosa Nova beginners even while you are having fun.
Also, not only song collections but also bossa nova specific rhythms, right hand forms, accompaniment examples and other instructional corners are enriched.
Because it is with model performance CD, you can understand perfectly how to play and nuance.



Listed songs
01. Girl from Ipanema
02. Wave (wave)
03. Shadow of Your Smile
04. Ricardo Bossa Nova (gift)
05. Saw Nice (Summer · Samba)
06. Morning of Carnival (Black Orfe)
07. One Note, Samba
08. Triste
09. Blue Bossa
10. Delicious water
11. Overflowing my mind
12. Mash K. Nada
13. Third Man
14. I want to return to that date
15. Puff
16. Lily's Erie
17. Takeover! Taiyaki-kun
18. Smile
19. Man and woman
Twinkle Twinkle
21. Nocturne Ho Ho Major
22. Silent Night
23. White Christmas
24. Mizutamari
25. Whale Mountain Bossa

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