Ukulele Ballads book w/cd (Jap)

Ukulele Ballads book w/cd

by Kiyoshi Kobayashi

It is a collection of ukulele music with a model performance CD with ukulele · solo arrangements with a number of famous pieces of Western ballads by Kiyoshi Kobayashi.
Because it is with a model performance CD which you can practice while listening to the big TAB score, playing way and nuance, you can practice even ukulele beginners enjoy.


【収載曲】【Listed songs】

01. Top of the World (Carpenters)
02. Yesterday One Once More (Carpenters)
03. Goodbye Goodbye (Carpenters)
04. I'm staring at you (Carpenters)
05. Until the End of the World (Carpenters)
06. Love of heart (Stevie · Wonder)
07. Iznt Sea Lovely (Cute Aisha) (Stevie Wonder)
08. Place where the sun strikes (Stevie · Wonder)
09. Sunshine (Stevie · Wonder)
10. Oneste (Billy Joel)
11. Straight Face (Billy · Joel)
12. Here Comes the Sun (The Beatles)

13. Day Dream · Believer (Monkeys)
14. Be My Baby (Ronets)
15. Boy Hunt (Connie Francis)
16. We Are All Alone (Boz · Scaggs)
17. Last Waltz (Engelbert Humperdinck)
18. Sailing (Rod Stewart)
19. Last dance to me (drifters)
20. Manchester and Liverpool (Pinky & Ferrath)
21. Lovers Concerto (Sarah Vaughan)
22. Ke · Sara (Jose · Feliciano)
23. Good Night · Irene
24. Water is wide
25. Amazing Grace