Super Mario Series for Solo Ukulele (Low G) book w/CD

You can play that famous song on the ukulele!

From the works of the Super Mario series, a new score arranged to make it easier to play with solo ukulele is now available. The best match is the warm mood unique to ukulele, which has a slightly different atmosphere from game music.

If you play Poron on your favorite ukulele, you won't feel any strangeness in the Super Mario Series songs. It's worth the challenge!

All songs are arranged in LOW-G, and the playing difficulty level is intermediate to advanced level.

There are many songs that are a little difficult for beginners, but it is difficult to play through one song, but if you only play famous phrases, you can play them slowly.
In addition, it is a collection of songs that players who are confident in their intermediate to advanced level skills should definitely try.

This is the official ukulele score that has never been released, so please enjoy the world of the Super Mario Series with your ukulele.

■ Grade: Intermediate

■ Organization: Solo

■ Listed songs [Listed in all 25 songs]
[1] Ground BGM / From "Super Mario Bros."
[2] Underground BGM / From "Super Mario Bros."
[3] Underwater BGM / From "Super Mario Bros."
[4] Invincible BGM / From "Super Mario Bros."
[5] Player Down ~ Game Over / From "Super Mario Bros."
[6] Course Clear Fanfare / From "Super Mario Bros."
[7] World Clear Fanfare / From "Super Mario Bros."
[8] Ending / From "Super Mario Bros. 2"
[9] From Map 1 / "Super Mario Bros. 3"
[10] Ground BGM / From "Super Mario Bros. 3"

[11] Title / From "Super Mario World"
[12] From Mario Circuit / "Super Mario Kart"
[13] Main theme / From "Super Mario 64"
[14] From Circuit / "Mario Kart 64"
[15] From Dolpic Town / "Super Mario Sunshine"
[16] Title / From "New Super Mario Bros."
[17] Rainbow Road / From "Mario Kart Wii"
[18] Underwater BGM / From "New Super Mario Bros. Wii"
[19] Desert BGM / From "New Super Mario Bros. Wii"
[20] Super Mario 3D Land Theme / From "Super Mario 3D Land"
[21] Sea Theme / From "Super Mario 3D Land"
[22] Title / From "Mario Kart 7"
[23] Title / From "New Super Mario Bros. 2"
[24] Ground BGM / From "New Super Mario Bros. 2"
[25] Ground BGM / From "New Super Mario Bros. U"

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