Solo Ukulele Jazz Standard Ed book w/cd (Jap)

Solo Ukulele Jazz Standard Ed book w/cd

by Yamaguchi Iwao

Popular Ukulele Player Yamaguchi Iwao presents the second solo arrangements collection of the most upscale "Jazz Standard Edition"!

Ukulele player, lecturer Mr. Iwao Yamaguchi who is active as a lecturer, responded to medium senior students Sufficient enough solo arrange ukulele music collection.
The second volume contains 17 songs of popular jazz standard numbers in solo ukulele.
Like the first "Hawaiian edition", each song also has a careful explanation of the performance and song description, this time, it is packed with the necessary knowledge for playing a notch such as performance points and secrets of progress.
Listening CD Quality 's model performance CD is perfect for regular BGM as well as practice!

Song List (High G and Low G)

------High-Gウクレレで弾く9曲: [1]―[9]------
[1] Someday My Prince Will Come (いつか王子様が)
[2] When You Wish Upon A Star (星に願いを)
[3] As Time Goes By (時の過ぎ行くままに)
[4] Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (煙が目にしみる)
[5] Night And Day (夜も昼も)
[6] My Funny Valentine (マイ・ファニー・ヴァレンタイン)
[7] Don't Get Around Much Any More (ドント・ゲット・アラウンド・マッチ・エニーモア)
[8] My Foolish Heart (愚かなりし我が心)
[9] What a Wonderful World (この素晴らしき世界)

------Low-Gウクレレで弾く8曲: [10]―[17]------
[10] 'S Wonderful (ス・ワンダフル)
[11] Stella By Starlight (星影のステラ)
[12] In The Mood (イン・ザ・ムード)
[13] The Days Of Wine And Roses (酒とバラの日々)
[14] Moonlight Serenade (ムーンライト・セレナーデ)
[15] Fly Me To The Moon (フライ・ミー・トゥー・ザ・ムーン)
[16] All The Things You Are (オール・ザ・シングス・ユー・アー)
[17] Misty (ミスティ)

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