Rockschool Ukulele Course Debut (Pte 2pax)

The Rockschool Ukulele syllabus is an ideal introduction to developing stringed instrument technique in a contemporary music setting, whilst introducing students to Rockschool’s world renowned range of stylistically appropriate and relevant supporting tests. Each grade includes full ensemble backing tracks and duet arrangements, providing students with the opportunity to perform as both accompanists and soloists.

Rockschool Ukulele Debut course will take reference from the Rockschool Ukulele Debut book which contains everything you need to pass your Debut exam. Featuring a truly diverse range of contemporary repertoire from some of the world's most iconic artists, including Taylor Swift, Bruno Mars & Bob Dylan. You wil be guided through every aspect of the exams as well as learning all the 6 songs in the book in both picking and strumming technique. Play along to a backing track either on lead on rhythm or play in a band setting if you are in a group class.

Suitable for:

  • Total beginners aged 7yrs and above
  • Anyone who is keen to learn picking and strumming
  • Even if you are not planning to take the exams

Fees & Format:

  • Private individual class
  • Total of 10 hourly sessions (frequency of once-a-week recommended)
  • (Per Pax) Upfront fee of S$480 and $20 registration fee and $35 textbook

Download syllabus info here

More about Rockschool Ukulele here