Muse Mahogany Tenor Ukulele with EQ (MU-MMG-TE)


The MMG series body is made from full laminate Mahogany top, back and sides. Mahogany is known for it's warm and pleasing tone, and being a laminate, it is more durable than solid wood in terms of build, storage and handling. The affordable price is ideal for beginners and for use in schools.

Utilising a classical guitar headstock design, the slotted headstock is usually reserved for higher-end ukuleles due to the extra manufacturing steps required to produce it. Designed for weight reduction, it is a design feature that many players like for its classic looks.

This headstock design allows the tuning direction to be the same for all the knobs which takes the confusion out for beginners. The machine heads are smaller and lighter than traditional machine heads to keep the weight down.

The width of the neck is standard (36mm), and the neck radius has been designed to be flatter to improve playing and comfort. A flatter neck radius makes it more comfortable for the thumb placement.

One of the most important aspect in the playability of any ukulele is the action. The action relates to the distance between the fretboard or fingerboard and the string. A lower action means the string is closer to the fretboard and hence easier to press. The string will not need to stretch too much, which in turn improves the intonation. It is also less painful for the fingers–great news for beginners and pros alike! The set up on each Muse ukulele is set to the optimal height providing ease of play without sacrificing loss in volume. All Muse ukuleles come set up with premium Aquila New Nylgut strings.

Designed with comfort in mind, all Muse ukuleles are built without a single sharp edge on the body. All joining edges have been rounded to ensure that when a player cradles the ukulele to his/her body, the ukulele does not dig into the flesh of the arm thus allowing for extended periods of play.

Muse Ukuleles come with choice of solid Cedar top or a solid Spruce top. Both these tone woods are tried and tested to be one of the best tone woods for stringed instruments like ukulele, guitar, violin, and even piano. Both Cedar and Spruce have excellent intonation, projection, and clarity. Both are loud and punchy (great for strumming), at the same time provides clarity when picking notes (fingerpicking/fingerstyle).

Muse Ukuleles are priced to sell. With its simple design (no embellishments or fancy inlays), we aim to keep our costs manageable while offering good quality wood and parts.

The active pickup comes complete with an on-board chromatic tuner, 4 controls to adjust the high, mid, bass, and volume. It produces a very natural sound and has sensitive on-board controls – a popular choice amongst players who jam or play with amplification.

Go wireless with your acoustic-electric ukulele with a Xvive U2 Wireless System at a special price of $189  (usual S$239) now.

All Muse ukuleles are designed and built for all levels of playing, from a starter player to an advanced player, there will be a model to suit your taste, and your budget.

All Muse ukuleles do not contain any Rosewood or other exotic woods that have been banned by CITES. Hence, we are able to ship worldwide without any need for paperwork on permits.

• Mahogany top, back & sides
• Okoume neck
• Poplar fingerboard and Walnut bridge
• Bone nut and saddle
• Slotted headstock
• Gloss or Satin finish
• Geared classical-style tuning pegs
• Premium Aquila Nylgut strings
• Free padded Muse gigbag

  • UK-T3 pickup with bass, mid, treble, volume control and coloured backlit built-in tuner, includes free quarter-inch instrument cable

(Ukulele stand in photos for illustration purposes only, not included in the package.)

* Actual products vary, images are for reference only *

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