Movie Hits Solo Ukulele Collection w/CD (Jap)

Movie Hits Solo Ukulele Collection w/CD

by Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Exquisite solo arrangements of popular romance movies music by Ukulele Meister "Kiyoshi Kobayashi" - playing a number of masterpieces. With easy to see large TAB score and clear explanation of performance, you can play even at beginner level. The included model performance CD can also be enjoyed as BGM.

Tuning: High-G

[Song List]
01. Hymn of Love (Composition: Margueritte Monnot)
02. Love Love (Composition: Francis Lai)
03. Someday the prince (composer: Frank Churchill)
04. Summer of Summer (Composition: Michel Legrand)
05. The entertainer (composition: Scott Joplin)
06. Augitiwoman (composition: Roy Orbison, Bill Dees)
07. Orphe's Song (Black Orfe / Carnival's Morning) (Composition: Luiz Bonfa)
08. Whispering of the Wind (Composition: Michel Legrand)
09. Prohibited Play (Romance of Love) (Composition: Folk Song of Spain)
10. The Godfather Love Theme (Composition: Nino Rota)
11. Farewellly Summer Day (Composition: Francis Lai)
12. Shade (composition: Henry Mancini)
13. Solar Full (Composition: Nino Rota)
14. Love of Summer Day (Composition: Max Steiner)
15. 24,000 Kisses (Composition: Adriano Celentano)
16. Calling of Harukanaru (Composition: Victor Young)
17. Flash dance (composition: Giorgio Moroder)
18. Colonel Bogie (Kwai River March) (Composition: Kenneth Joseph Alford)
19. Wish upon a star (Composition: Leigh Harline)
20. My way (composition: Jacques Revaux, Claude Francois)
21. Mrs Robinson (Composition: Paul Simon)
22. Melody Fair (Composition: Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb)
23. Nocturne Song No. 2 Everyday Major Work 9-2 (Composition: F. Chopin)
24. With love from Russia (composition: Lionel Bart)

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