Jazz Standard Ukulele book w/cd (Jap)

Jazz Standard Ukulele book w/cd (Jap)

by Yosuke Miyajima 

This book is a collection of ukulele songs with a model performance CD, featuring a number of jazz masterpieces in ukulele solo arrangements. You can enjoy jazz chord voicing with a single ukulele, and you can enjoy tuning with either "High G" or "Low G". The included model performance CD can be used as a self-guided guide or as background music in your room. (CD contains High G performance) In addition, each song is assigned a difficulty level in five levels, so you can practice from the song that suits your level. 

[Free delivery of model performance videos of some songs and minus one sound source] In order to support everyone's practice, minus one sound source (karaoke) without the ukulele part of some songs (10 songs) It is distributed free of charge on the “Doremi Music Publishers website“ Sound Source Download Page ””, so please use it as a practice guide. In addition, a model performance video of some songs (10 songs) has been released on the YouTube “Doremi Official You Tube Channel”, so please watch it as a reference for practice.

Song list:

01 Autumn Leaves(枯葉)
02 Someday My Prince Will Come(いつか王子様が)
03 My Foolish Heart(愚かなり我が心)
04 When You Wish Upon A Star (星に願いを)
05 Night And Day(夜も昼も)
06 Misty(ミスティ)
07 Moanin'(モーニン)
08 Tea For Two(二人でお茶を)
09 The Christmas Song(クリスマス・ソング)
10 All The Things You Are(君は我がすべて)
11 Someone To Watch Over Me(誰かが私を見つめてる)
12 Summertime(サマータイム)
13 Smoke Gets In Your Eyes(煙が目にしみる)
14 The Days Of Wine And Roses(酒とバラの日々)
15 Fly Me To The Moon(フライ・ミー・トゥ・ザ・ムーン)
16 Winter Wonderland(ウィンター・ワンダーランド)
17 As Time Goes By(時のたつまま)
18 Take The 'A' Train(A列車で行こう)
19 I Got Rhythm(アイ・ガット・リズム)
20 Stardust(星くず)