Carpenters Solo Ukulele Collections book w/cd (2019) (Jap)

Carpenters Solo Ukulele Collections book w/cd (2019 edition)


Carpenters' masterpiece that keeps shining forever is included in the ukulele solo arrangement. Sheet music with a TAB score is a two-page spread.

Please enjoy a number of fascinating masterpieces in an exquisite arrangement by the extremely popular ukulele player KYAS. All songs include TAB score, diagram score, performance explanation. The included model performance CD can be enjoyed as BGM even if you don't play the ukulele.


01. 愛のプレリュード
We've Only Just Begum(★)
02. イエスタデイ・ワンス・モア
Yesterday Once More(★)
03. 遙かなる影
(They Long To Be) Close To You(★)
04. スーパースター
05. 雨の日と月曜日は(☆)
Rainy Days And Mondays
06. ふたりの誓い
For All We Know(★)
07. 愛にさよならを
Goodbye To Love(☆)
08. ア・ソング・フォー・ユー
A Song For You(□)
09. ハーティング・イーチ・アザー
Hurting Each Other(☆)
10. シング(歌おうよ)
11. オンリー・イエスタデイ
Only Yesterday(★)
12. 愛は夢の中に
Won't Last A Day Without You(★)
13. ユー
14. 想い出にさよなら
I Just Fall In Love Again(★)
15. 遠い初恋
Make Believe It's Your First Time(☆)
16. あなたの影になりたい
Let Me Be The One(★)
17. 青春の輝き
I Need To Be In Love(★)
18. トップ・オブ・ザ・ワールド
Top Of The World(★)
19. ジャンバラヤ
Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (☆)
20. 見つめあう恋
There's A Kind Of Hush(★)

★ = Tuning: High G / ☆ = Tuning: High G or Low G / □ = Tuning: Low G