Carpenters Solo Ukulele Collections book w/cd

Carpenters Solo Ukulele Collections book w/cd


A permanent preservation version for Richard Carpenter's 70th birthday.

Karen's beautiful singing voice that fascinates people forever.
Please enjoy a variety of famous songs full of charm with an exquisite arrangement by the huge popular ukulele player KYAS.
All songs with TAB score, diagram notation, performance explanation.
The included model performance CD can be enjoyed as BGM even if you do not play the ukulele.




01. Prelude of Love We've Only Just Begum (★)
02. Yesterday · Once More · Yesterday Once More (★)
03. Harukanaru Shadow (They Long To Be) Close To You (★)
04. Superstars Superstar (★)
05. On rainy days and Mondays (☆) Rainy Days And Mondays
06. The two oaths For All We Know (★)
07. Say goodbye to love Goodbye To Love (☆)
08. A Song For You A Song For You (□)
09. HARTING · ITS · OTHER Hurting Each Other (☆)
10. Sing (Let's sing) Sing (★)
11. Only Yesterday Only Yesterday (★)
12. Love in a dream Will not Last A Day Without You (★)
13. You You (★)
14. Say goodbye to my memories I Just Fall In Love Again (★)
15. Distant First Love Make Believe It's Your First Time (☆)
16. I want to be your shadow Let Me Be The One (★)
17. Sparkle of youth I Need To Be In Love (★)
18. Top of the World Top Of The World (★)
19. Jambalaya Jambalaya (On The Bayou) (☆)
20. Staring at love There's A Kind Of Hush(★)

★ = Tuning: High G / ☆ = Tuning: High G or Low G / □ = Tuning: Low G