Aquila Thundergut AQ-68U EADG Ukulele Bass Strings

Aquila Thundergut® strings
Bass Ukulele Set
Code: 68U

Bass ukulele regular tuning
Set of 4 Thundergut ® strings

Thundergut® strings
Thundergut® is a special very dense and elastic-plastic blend developed in our headquater which grants better performances than common polyurethane and silicon rubber strings available in the market.

Thundergut® ensures quick and stable intonation.

Thundergut® strings do not present excessive stretching during tuning. They can therefore be installed directly on the peg tuner avoiding the boring task of munual pre-stretching that has to be done for the common polyurethane or silicon rubber strings.

The Thundergut® string's surface is not particular sticky as silicon rubber, these strings are not too slippery when touched and are not so easy to turn on itself when pressed on the keyboard as in the case of the polyurethane strings.

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