Aquila Guilele/Guitarlele Nylgut A-tuning string set (AQ-96C)

Vibrating string length: 42-43 cm

The classic A tuning set for Guilele/Guitalele with scale lengths of 17″ (42-43 cm).
Consisting of Nylgut® trebles and silver-plated copper basses with a Nylgut® core, this set provides a warm, round sound with excellent promptness and acoustic projection.

Each pack consists of 6 strings for A-tuning (similar to putting a capo on a 5th fret of a standard guitar):

6th string: A
5th string: D
4th string: G
3rd string: C
2nd string: E
1st string: A

Important Note:
1. unlikely classic nylon strings, Nylgut® is a cut-sensitive material. Before installing the strings, make sure that the grooves on the nut and the bridge are shallow, perfectly smooth and without any sharp corners.

2. The set is designed for instruments with a scale of 17″ (43 cm)

*NOTE: Packaging differs from the original as this product sold in UM is repackaged by Leho Ukulele.

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