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UM Private Collection-Kanile'a Platinum 2018 Limited Edition

Kanile'a Platinum 2018 Limited Edition

Within the prestigious UM Private Collection, we present an extraordinary showcase piece: the 2018 Kanile’a Platinum Edition. This remarkable ukulele is a symphony of design and function, featuring top-grade Hawaiian curly Koa that ripples with deep, lustrous figured patterns, promising both visual beauty and a richness of sound that is truly unparalleled.

Meticulously crafted with an ergonomic armrest on the lower bout and a "scooped cutaway", it offers unparalleled comfort and playability, allowing effortless access to the upper frets. Each note rings clear and true, a testament to the mastery embedded in its creation.

This masterpiece is not just an instrument, but a work of art that stands as a pinnacle of the luthier's craft. Available now for the connoisseur who seeks nothing but the finest, this 2018 Kanile’a Platinum Edition is a profound statement in the world of fine ukuleles, waiting to be the crown jewel of your collection.

Kanile`a Ukulele celebrates 20 years with this exquisite Kanile'a Platinum 2018 Limited Edition tenor instrument designed by company co-owner and master luthier Joe Souza. Read more about it here.

Only 200 of these timeless instruments will be built. Available only in 2018.


• Kanile`a Tenor 4-string `ukulele
• 5A Master Grade Curly Koa body
• Radiused back
• TRU-R (Total Resonating `Ukulele Redesigned) bracing system
• Curly Koa front binding
• Ebony bevel “scoop” cutaway
• Ebony armrest
• Exclusive Ebony rosette featuring 20 adult and 20 keiki Koa gree leaves with Curly Koa trim
• Side sound port in a three Koa leaf design
• Redesigned Kanile`a Traditional Thin Slotted headstock
• Ebony fret board, bridge & head plate
• Curly Koa position markers & logo
• Gold Gotoh Stealth tuners
• Black TUSQ nut and compensated saddle
• Aquila Corde strings
• UV Cured High Gloss body / UV Silk neck finish

Each instrument, with the exception of an eight string, may be equipped with a “G” fourth course (196Hz or low G string) fixed with a 0.029″ Phosphor Bronze wire-wrapped nylon-core string for no extra charge. The woven “low G-string” is tuned an octave lower, which gives a richer sound and opens a wider picking range.

- Actual model
- Ukulele stand in photos for illustration purposes only, not included in the package


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