Ukulele Healing Music book w/cd (Jap)

Ukulele Healing Music book w/cd (Jap)

by Kiyoshi Kobayashi

A collection of exquisite healing ukulele solo arrangements by Kiyoshi Kobayashi. This is a collection of songs with a model performance CD that includes various songs such as J-POP, Western music, classical music, jazz, and Hawaiian. It comes with a large, easy-to-read TAB score that allows you to play one song without turning the page, and a model CD that allows you to practice while listening to how to play and nuances, so even beginners can enjoy practicing. You can enjoy the included CD as BGM. Why don't you play ukulele at a time such as holiday or coffee time with Pololon ♪ to heal your heart?

Song List:

01. Greetings of love (Elgar)
02.Brown small bottle (Glen Miller)
03. Beyond the Rainbow (Movie "The Wizard of Oz")
04.Small world 05.Wish on the stars (Movie "Pinocchio")
06.Aloha Oe
07. Moldau (Smetana)
08. Water Is Wide (Scottish Folk Song)
09.Smile (Movie "Modern Times")
10. Fly Me To The Moon
11.Beyond the Reef (Beyond Coral Reef)
12.The Enchanted Waltz (Movie "Love Afternoon")
13. Spring Song (Spitz)
14.You like whiskey (Sayuri Ishikawa)
15. Night Sky Nomuko (SMAP)
16. Pineapple Princess
17. A Thousand Winds (Masashi Akikawa)
18. Like the flow of a river (Hibari Misora)
19. Give me wings (red bird)
20. Bright Earth (Seiko Matsuda)
21 Barefoot Season (Seiko Matsuda)
22 Blue Shadow (Procol Harum)
23.Flower (Rentaro Taki)
24.Mizutamari (Kiyoshi Kobayashi)
25. Pea Waltz (Kiyoshi Kobayashi)

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