Ukulele Appreciation 4-week Course (2pax-to-1 in-person)

Ukulele Appreciation Course (4-week course)

The Ukulele Appreciation Course is a short-term (4 weeks) course designed for beginners who are not ready or able to commit long term. Participants will be exposed to different styles of playing over the course period and they will get to learn the basics of strumming and picking.

Apart from singing and strumming they will also learn how to read tabs, play simple melodies and play as part of an ensemble.

Conducted in a fun, relaxed and interactive format, the workshop is designed for beginners with no prior music training or experience with stringed-instruments.

Who can join?
The workshop is suitable for both adults and kids (7 yrs old & above).

Do I need to have my own ukulele?
Not to worry, soprano-sized ukulele loan sets will be provided by us at no charge!

Format & Fees:
4 weeks duration• One hour per week • Price is for per pax  • Includes course materials • Instrument not included 

Important note:

Please contact us via whatsapp at +65 81815088 or email to arrange for date and timing to ensure there's available instructor. Payment should be made after confirmation of availability in schedule.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Please inform us (whatsapp/sms/email) at least 24 hours if you need to reschedule, failure to do so will result in forfeiture of lesson
  2. If student needs to reschedule due to medical reasons, a copy of doctor’s MC is required. Please inform us at least 4 hours before lesson slot.
  3. No-show without notification will result in the lesson being forfeited 
  4. Lessons will start and end as per allocated timing
  5. In the event that the instructor is late, makeup time will be allocated after session end (time extension), or before next session (if there is a next session booked)

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