Ukulele Ensemble book w/cd (Jap)

Ukulele Ensemble book w/cd

by Arrangement & Performance ● TTcafe Takashi Nakamura & Tatsuko Kaneda (Author)

A masterpieces collection for duo (2 people), trio (3 people), quartet (4 people).

Let's play happily with everyone arranging ukulele!
Even beginners are arranged to enjoy it enough.
The included model performance CD can also be enjoyed as BGM, with karaoke, so I arrange it so that I can enjoy it enough.

It is a collection of ukulele music with a model performance CD with ukulele · solo arrangements with a number of famous pieces of Western ballads by Kiyoshi Kobayashi.
Because it is with a model performance CD which you can practice while listening to the big TAB score, playing way and nuance, you can practice even ukulele beginners enjoy.

Song List

[Two person ensemble]

01. Heavy Rotation [AKB48]
02. March Turkish March [Mozart]
03. Quscos Post
04. Dogwood (single bowl)
05. Mr. Sandman [The Codets]
06. Dancing Queen [ABBA]
07. Harukanaru Shadow (Cross To You) [Carpenters]
08. I'm in love with your eyes [Boys · Town · Gang]
09. Merry Christmas on the Battlefield [Ryuichi Sakamoto]
10. Final Countdown [Europe]

[Three Ensemble]

11. Blue · Hawaii
12. Kiss Shelly [Michelle Pornaref]
13. Tiki, Chiki, Bang Bang
14. Jambalaya

[Four Person Ensemble]

15. The continent of passion [Taro Hakase]
16. Meli · Kaliki · Maca (Christmas in Hawaii)

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