Ukulele Classic Solo Collection w/CD (Jap)

Ukulele Classic Solo Collection w/CD

by Kiyoshi Kobayashi

It is a collection of songs that you can play with easy handy ukulele even for you who was high in threshold when you hear "classic". 
Selected songs are carefully selected from famous songs that everyone knows, and picked up the name part remaining in the impression among them and arranged it for solo ukulele. 
Because it is with model performance CD, you can understand perfectly how to play and nuance. 

【Composition: W. Mozart) 04. Brahms' lullaby 
(Composer: A. Vivaldi) 
02. Spring ~ 「Four Seasons」 (Composition: A. Vivaldi) 02. Home Route (Composition: A. Dvorak) 
03. Glittering Star Variation 
J. Brahms) 
05. Prelude A major work 28 (7) (Composition: F. Chopin) 
06. Minuetto Godon From "Anna Magdalena Bach's Music Book" (Composition: JS Bach) 
07. For Elysee (Composition: Lv Beethoven) 
08. Symphony No. 9 in D minor (Composition: Lv Beethoven) 
09. On the Wings of Songs (Composition: F. Mendelssohn) 
10. Mozart's Lullaby (Composition: WA Mozart & B. Fleece) 
11. Schubert's Lullaby Songs (Composition: F. Schubert) 
12. Morning ~ "Pale Gynt" from the 1st Suite (Composition: EH Grieg) 
13. Skater's Waltz (Composition: E. Walt Toyfel) 
14. Gavot (Composer: FJ Gossec) 
15. Menuet of Bokkerini (composition: L. Bokkolini)
16. Aria on the G line (Composition: JS Bach) 

17. Ave Maria (Composition: JS Bach & C. F. Gounod) 

19. Nocturne Trank Ho Major Work 9 of the Danube River (Composition: I. Ivanovich) 
20. From Marriage Marching "Midsummer Night's Dream" (Composition: F. Mendelssohn) 
21. Composing: F. Chopin 
21. Songs of Cheers ~ From Opera "Camellia" (Composition: G. Verdi) 
22. Love (Composition: E. Elgar) 
23. Lord, the joy of a person's desire BWV.147 (composition: JS Bach) 
24. Minuet ~ From "The woman of Arles" (composition: G. Bizet) 
25. Troy Melay ~ "Kinderszenen" than (composer:. R Schumann) 
26. Shichiriano (composer:. G Faure) 
27. Pathetique Sonata (the second movement) (composer: Lv Beethoven) 
28. Adagio in G minor (composer:. T Albinoni) 
29 Turkish March - Sonata A majors K.331 (composition: WA Mozart) 
30. Minuet - Divertiment The 17th movement from 17th (composition: WA Mozart)