Low G Solo Ukulele Songbook 25 songs book w/cd

Low G Solo Ukulele Songbook 25 songs book w/cd

by Osamu Ishira (Author), Hisashi Endo (Author)

Continuous publication appears in "Solo ukulele standards played with superb arrangement" which received popular "LOW-G tuning compatible music collection" "listening to the middle senior-level arrangements" and "LOW-G tuning compatible music collection"!
This time, it covers all the popular songs of Disney movies such as "Cinderella", "Beauty and the Beast", "Anna and the Snow Queen", it is exactly an irresistible selection for Disney lovers.
Difficulty is also included in a wide range of arrangements from easy to play, challenging arrangements, ensemble arrangements.
It is also a pleasing point that the commentary by the author by each song is also substantial.
Because it is attached to the reference performance CD, please enjoy while checking the atmosphere of the performance!


■ Organization: [1] - [23] solo, [24] [25] ensemble (2)
■ Grade: Medium Advanced
■ Listed songs [Listing all 25 songs]
[1] Hall New World / A Whole New World / From the movie "Aladdin"
[2] Prince someday / Someday My Prince Will Come / From the movie "Snow White"
[3] Bibidi · Babidy · Boo / Bibbidi-Babbidi-Boo / From the movie "Cinderella"
[4] Dream secretly / A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes / From the movie 'Cinderella'
[5] Beauty and the Beast / Beauty and the Beast / From the movie "Beauty and the Beast"
[6] Wish Upon a Star / When You Wish Upon a Star / From the Movie "Pinocchio"
[7] Story / Movie "Bay Max" from
[8] Chim Chim Cherry / Chim Chim Cher-ee / From the movie "Mary Poppins"
[9] Feel love / Can You Feel the Love Tonight / From the movie "Lion King"
[10] Snowman Tsukuro / Do You Want to Build a Snowman? / From the Movie 'Anna and the Snow Queen'
[11] Let It Go (Let It Go) / Let It Go / From the Movie "Anna and the Snow Queen"
[12] Winnie the Pooh / Winnie the Pooh / "Winnie the Pooh"
[13] You are Friend / You've Got A Friend In Me / Movie 'Toy Story'
[14] Time Of Your Life / Movie 'Bug's Life'

[15] Go the Distance / Go the Distance / From the movie "Hercules"
[16] He is a pirate / He's a Pirate / From the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean"
[17] Yoho / Yo-Ho / Tokyo Disneyland® Pirates of the Caribbean
[18] Under the Sea / From the movie "Little Mermaid"
[19] Part Of Your World / Part Of Your World / From the movie "Little Mermaid"
[20] Aloha E Como My / Aloha E Komo Mai / From "Lilo and Stitch the Series"
[21] Tsumtum March / TSUM TSUM March / From the application game "Tsumsumu"
[22] Small World / It's a Small World / It's a Small World
[23] Shining Future / I See the Light / From the movie "Rapunzel on the Tower"
[24] Without you / If I Did not Have You / From the movie "Monsters, Inc."
[25] Hall New World / A Whole New World / From the movie "Aladdin"