First Step of Solo Ukulele w/CD (Jap)

First Step of Solo Ukulele w/CD

by Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Ukulele Meister, Kiyoshi Kobayashi is one of the treasured teaching mystery! From primitive knowledge to various techniques, it is an introduction to easy to understand beginners. The style of playing a melody and accompaniment with a single ukulele is called "solo ukulele". This book is a new style introductory music collection that incorporates the level up method from solo solo to chord solo. Tuning: High-G

Basic stance and performance form
STEP-1: Solo by melody of single tone

"Menuetto major,"
"Bun · Bun · Bun"
"Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree"
"Frog's Song"
"Song of Joy" (Song of Joy)

STEP-02: Solo with code inserted

"Rudolph the Reindeer"
"Amazing Grace"
"Happy Birthday To You"
"Aura Lee"
"Boyhood" Inoue Yosui
"small world"
"Sakura Sakura"
"Doremi's Song"

STEP-03: Solo with Safer code

"a memory from summer"
"A big old clock"
"Republic Hymn"
"Mickey Mouse March"
"Twinkle star variations"
"Wish Upon a Star"
"Beyond the Rainbow"

STEP-04: Solo with code strokes

"Red sweet pea" Ms. Seiko Matsuda
"Third Man (Harry Lime's Theme)"
"Once in a dream"
"Silent Night"
"The flowers bloom"
"Graduation photograph" Yumi Arai

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