30 Classic songs on solo ukulele book w/cd

30 Classic songs on solo ukulele book w/cd

by Masaya Sato

Techniques want to play naturally with that song that I wanted to play! It is an introductory book that you can learn fun with the classic songs of ukulele and master the performance techniques firmly. At first it starts from a super fundamentals such as how to play melody and chords, so beginners can work with peace of mind. In addition, it corresponds to both solo ukulele and singing and solo ukulele commenting on longing jacquard solo. It is also a feature of this book that you can take long carefully. In addition to recording the model performance on the attached CD, I'm uploading performance videos to YouTube so it's a nice place to see while watching with my eyes. It is a commentary explanation book that can fully enjoy the pleasure of ukulele.





Chapter 1 Basic Techniques for Playing Melody
LESSON 01 Let's play the melody
LESSON 02 Remember "Doremifa Solaside"
LESSON 03 How to make your fingers smooth 1
LESSON 04 Tips to take rhythm well
LESSON 05 How to make your fingers smooth 2
LESSON 06 Melody play with index finger and thumb

Chapter 2 Basic techniques for playing chords

LESSON 07 Let's play "Code"
LESSON 08 "small saha" and "large saha"
LESSON 09 "Empty stroke" and "Syncopation"
LESSON 10 Kimete with the rhythm of "shuffle"
LESSON 11 It becomes a different code if you shift it sideways
Code playing with LESSON 12 "Arpeggio"

Chapter 3 Basic Techniques for Solo Ukulele
LESSON 13 The first solo ukulele!
Accompaniment with LESSON 14 "Index finger stroke"
Accompanied by LESSON 15 "Thumb Stroke"
Solo Ukulele with LESSON 16 "Arpeggio"
Performance using LESSON 17 "High Position"
LESSON 18 'Obligato' gorgeously

Chapter 4 Intermediate Techniques for Enjoying Solo Ukulele
LESSON 19 "Hammering" and "pulling" to connect the sound
LESSON 20 "Glissando" to color melody
LESSON 21 "Vibrato" to let ukulele listen like a song
LESSON 22 "Staccato" to sharpen
Chapter 5 Intermediate Technique Stronger to Rhythm LESSON 23 Challenge the stroke of "16 Beats"! LESSON 24 Code accompaniment with "4 fingers" unique rhythm LESSON 25 "Brushing" and "Mute Stroke" Chapter 6 Solo ukulele Advanced technique for
LESSON 26 Challenge the first "Jacqueline"!
LESSON 27 Jaca solo with a special style of rendition
LESSON 28 Arpeggio with 3 fingers
LESSON 29 "Harmonics" glitteringly
LESSON 30 Enchanting "tremolo" playing style