March 26, 2020

2 June 2020 - Phase 1

As Singapore finally comes out of the Circuit Breaker and transitions into Phase 1, many businesses will open, but sadly, retail stores will still remain closed until Phase 2 which could be between 4-6 weeks time, likely towards the end of June.

We do not have the specific timeline but we will update periodically via our website and social media platforms when information becomes available to us.

In the meantime, our online store is still fully operational 24/7 and we have staff mending phone lines during normal business hours every day of the week to assist you with your inquiries.

Thank you, please stay safe after lockdown.




COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

The term "Lockdown" means different things to different people, and this is not a lockdown, it's just a temporary and necessary measure to stop people from coming together in order to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Many essential services and businesses are still able to operate, and the population is still allowed to go out for grocery shopping, buy food, exercise etc. Logistics such as import/export and delivery will continue to operate which means we can get the ukuleles to you in a timely manner.

One month of being indoors (for most part of the day) can certainly bore any happy soul to the bone, which is why we saw a surge in ukulele purchases the last weekend before the new measure kicked in. We are very happy that people can now find the time for life's simple pleasures such as playing music.

Although our physical retail store is closed from 7 April – 4 May as required by the latest regulations, our online store is fully operational throughout this period. Safely shop for all your ukulele needs from the comfort of your own home, and have them delivered to you. Local shipping is free so take advantage of it.

Don't know how to play or where to start? Stay tuned as we will be rolling out Live Mini Video Lessons very soon. You'll be able to pick and choose what topics to learn, and sessions are conducted in very manageable blocks of 40mins to an hour.

Do revisit our website soon to be updated on ukulele deals and lessons.

Stay safe.



26 March 2020

This blog will be updated as and when the situation changes. The current COVID-19 situation in Singapore is very fluid, with new cases and new measures updated daily via the Ministry of Health-COVID-19 website.

In a series of preventive measures set out by the Singapore government today–26 March 2020–though disruptive, is necessary to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Below is our message to customers and students underlining our efforts in combating this pandemic.

The message to our customers

What we are doing:
1. Limiting the number of customers to a maximum of 3 at anytime in the store
2. Temperature-taking and hand sanitising to be done before entering store
3. Adhering to the 1m social distancing measure within the store
4. Encouraging customers to go cashless whenever possible
5. Encouraging customers to shop on our online store to minimise travelling
6. Offering free shipping to anywhere on mainland Singapore
7. Offering a WhatsApp Shopping Service (video conferencing or recorded video)
8. Suspending all classes and workshops at our premises until further notice
9. Offering video conferencing of lessons via Zoom app
10. Disinfecting our instruments frequently with UV-C light (kills 99.9% of
all viruses and bacteria)

COVID-19 preventive measures

In what has become the new norm, we constantly sanitise common areas and surfaces, our hands, the instruments, and practice good hygiene. We urge you to do the same. Thank you for your understanding.

We are lucky that we are not in a lockdown like many other countries that are experiencing it now, we are lucky that our store can still be open for business, and we are lucky to have a fully operational online store and reliable delivery service to get the products to our customers.

We encourage our customers to shop at our online store as we now offer free shipping to anywhere on mainland Singapore. We are also offering a WhatsApp Shopping Service. When you video call us, we can walk you around the store and help you decide what ukulele to buy. We can also demo some ukuleles for you so you can hear the sound, look at the finish and details etc. It will feel like you are shopping in our store but from the comforts and safety of your own home. WhatsApp us: +65 8181 5088 and 8804 8276.

For lessons and workshops, which are now required to be suspended by the authorities, we are offering video conferencing lessons via an app called Zoom Meetings (Download here). We know that more and more people are now working from home, or staying at home more often than usual. You can be even more productive at home by not having to communte. Students can sign up on our website and go for private lessons with our instructor via the app. Group lessons will follow once rigorous testing has been done on the app to accommodate more participants. This might be the new norm in learning.

The new norm and new key words of the month are sanitising and social distancing, which we will be practicing in big bountiful heaps to try and curb the spread. We hope you are doing the same too. If everyone practices good social responsibility and good personal hygiene, maybe in the very near future, this episode will be just a faint memory in our ever busy lives.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay sane–play uke.



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