October 13, 2018

Date & Time: Sun 25 Nov 2018
Morning session: 11am – 1pm (SOLD OUT)
Additional session: 3pm – 5pm (SELLING FAST)

Venue: Blk 2 Kitchener Road #02-87 Singapore 200002

Workshop fees: $35 per pax BOOK NOW


Join G.J. Lee as he takes you on a learning journey to improve your technique and get the best tone out of your ukulele. 

About G.J. Lee

G.J. Lee is an active and enthusiastic ukulele player who is passionate about sharing his music. Well-known in his home country of Taiwan, his performances are characterized by a richness of emotion and meticulous detail. Not only interested in the ukulele itself, but also the greater world of music, he has arranged many familiar tunes for the ukulele. He plays a variety of music, including classical, folk, animation and film music, and Eastern and Western pop music, among other genres. His goal is to touch people's hearts through music, as he believes music is always an effective way to connect with people. Because the ukulele is conveniently portable and easy to share with friends at any time, G.J. continuously and tirelessly strives for excellence on the ukulele.         

雞湯 G.J.Lee,來自台灣的烏克麗麗演奏者。他編了許多大家耳熟能詳的曲子在烏克麗麗這項樂器上。他喜歡烏克麗麗這項樂器本身,更加喜歡整個音樂世界以及音樂所能帶來人與人之間的美好連結。所以他彈奏多樣的曲子包含了民謠、動畫與電影音樂,東、西洋流行音樂...與許多不同的類型。因為他希望透過音樂觸動人們的心。而烏克麗麗是如此容易攜帶與方便與朋友們隨時隨地分享,所以一直以來他總是不斷努力,嘗試把烏克麗麗彈得更好。
Watch GJ Lee's Youtube Channel here.



• Adults or kids 7 yrs old & above
• Players of all levels, beginners welcome too


    • Soprano ukulele loan sets available but you are recommended to bring your own ukulele.
    • Workshop will be conducted in Chinese


      Blk 2 Kitchener Road #02-87 Singapore 200002 (Lavender/Farrer Park/Bendemeer MRT) Map here 


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